Easter Bunny’s Bringing Games 2021

One minute Chicago is drowned in snow and now suddenly the daffodils are in bloom and I’ve completely spaced on my annual Easter Bunny’s Bringing Games post.  Whoops!  I was reminded by an advertisement for these adorable Play-Doh egg hunt eggs — which, I personally think is a very fun idea!  Just so we’re clear, I’m not anti-candy but I’m anti-too much candy which seems to happen pretty quickly during Easter.  Add something to the basket that’s going to last a little longer, and doesn’t give a tummy ache if overly indulged in — like a game!

Littlest Kids

Memory: Wild World Of Animals • Ravensburger, ages 3+, 2-4 players, ~$13 on Amazon

memory game box with cute new animal artworkAm I recommending Memory — like classic Memory?  YES.  I cannot get enough of the updated artwork and how awesome-storybook-gorgeous theses games are.  I said “these” because there are several to choose from.  My favorite is probably the Cute Monsters one because Medusa looks fantastic and the yeti looks as happy as he should be.  Memory is a classic game that I feel is often commoditized down to cheap versions and having a beautiful quality set will bring the joy this classic game deserves.  Beyond playing Memory, consider using the beautiful tiles to create stories with your kiddo!

Also Consider:

Koala Capers

Super cute game about dressing a koala for traveling using patterns, just don’t roll underpants! • Educational Insights, ages 3+, 2-4 players, ~10 minutes, $15 on Amazon

clumsy thief junior game boxPancake Pileup 

Balance and race pancake stacking game • Educational Insights, ages 4+, 2 players or teams, ~10 minutes, $16 on Amazon

Clumsy Thief Junior 

See below, this is the farm food version of Clumsy Thief in the Candy Shop • Melon Rind Games, ages 5+, 2-4 players, ~10 minutes, ~$15 on Amazon

Early Elementary School (6-8 years)

Clumsy Thief in The Candy Shop • Melon Rind Games, ages 7+, 3-6 players, ~10 minutes, ~$15 on Amazon

clumsy thief in the candy shop game boxIf you click on the link for Clumsy Thief in The Candy Shop you’ll read “Math Game” in the title, but please ignore that part.  Melon Rind games has done a great job of making math fun — so fun you won’t really know it’s a math game.  But they’ve also made it easy for parents to choose which game is appropriate for their kids.  In Clumsy Thief in The Candy Shop players will be racing to find 2 cards that add to 20 to collect the most candy cards by the end of the game.  There’s speed, revenge, a thief, jail and tons of tasty artwork.  Also check out Clumsy Thief (money adding to 100 for ages 5+) and Clumsy Thief Junior (farm food adding to 10 for ages 5+)

Dragon’s Breath The Hatching •  HABA, ages 6+, 2-4 players, ~20 minutes, ~$15 on Amazon

Dragons breath game boxIn Dragon’s Breath The Hatching, players are trying to collect sparkle stones out of the nest dragon’s nest — but they have to do it carefully because the dragon’s egg is balanced on top.  This delightful dexterity game has been on the market for a little bit but it’s nice narrow profile (like many other HABA games) makes it perfect for Easter Baskets.  Also consider Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystals for ages 3+ and Rhino Hero a stacking game for ages 5+.

Also Consider:

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Speed slap card game • Dolphin Hat Games, ages 8+, $10 at Amazon 

UNO decades versions only at Target

Updated artwork to make UNO cool again • Mattel, ages 7+, $5 at Target ONLY

Later Elementary and Older Kids

grounded for life game boxGrounded for Life • What Do You MEME?, ages 8+, 3-20 players, ~2o minutes, $20 on Amazon

A bit above the price point I usually keep to for Easter basket post, Grounded for Life is the family friendly version of Cards Against Humanity that your family might need right now.  It can be a little gross (potty humor) but the cards are decently funny, the game is easy to get, and you’ll probably have some really good laughs.

Abandon All Artichokes • Gamewright, ages 10+, 2-4 players, ~20 minutes, ~$13 at Amazon

Abandon All Artichokes might seem like a cruel Easter basket joke as no kid I know would want vegetables over Easter candy, but Abandon All Artichokes is a delightful card game where you’re hoping to end up with a hand completely free of pesky artichokes.  Send the artichokes to the compost and hopefully you’ll “cultivate” a winning hand.

Also Consider:

abandon all artichokes game tinDog Crimes

Solo brainteaser game that’s the sequel to Cat Crimes • ThinkFun, ages 8+, 1 player, ~$15 on Amazon

The Mind

Cooperative no-talking card game • Pandasaurus, ages 8+, 2-4 players, ~20 minutes, ~$11 at Amazon


If you’re looking for more ideas, please visit my Amazon “Easter Basket Games” list to get some more ideas or look at some of the lists from the past here on The Game Aisle.