Easily Packable Games: What games to bring on your next trip!

Easily Packable Games: What games to bring on your next trip!

Memorial Day is getting closer and if you are one of the large numbers of people who head away from home for the weekend or longer I’ve got some games you might want to consider tossing in your bag.  These easily packable games are small, fun, travel well, and will give you something fun to do while waiting for a plane, dinner, or even a picnic at the beach!  I didn’t narrow this down by cost or number of players, only size and how well it is contained.  All games are 115 cubic inches (essentially a thick hardcover book or smaller) and I’ve added the weights just for fun!  (Name links are affiliate links that go to Amazon but you should be able to find all at your local game store, but always phone first.)

Monster Match • NorthStar Games (Happy Planet line), 5.2 oz, 3-6 players, Ages 6+, $13-18

Monsters and donuts – what’s not to love?  Spread out 10 cards in the center of the table and one player rolls the dice.  Everyone needs to find a monster that has the combination that is rolled, which will be a number and an attribute like arms.  But there’s a twist, you want to find the monster with the most donuts too.  So be careful of which 4-legged monster you pick!  Once everyone has a monster the round is over.  No monsters to be found? Grab the “Zilch” token, you get a bonus card to add to your pile, and more cards are put on the table.  It’s cute, clever, and quick and the player with the most donuts wins!

Funky Chicken • NorthStar Games (Happy Planet line), 6.2 oz, 2-6 players, Ages 6+, $13-18

If you liked Happy Salmon, you’ll love Funky ChickenFunky Chicken is more dance moves than Happy Salmon so it’s great for a hotel or campsite dance party!  You’ll be Swinging, Bumping, Spinning – and of course Funky Chickening with other players as you try to get rid of all of your cards.


Rally Roll • Blue Orange Game, 1.2 oz., 2+ players, Ages 8+, ~$7

Six dice in a travel bag, not many games much smaller than that! Five of the dice are small, one is large and in each shake a player takes on their turn one of the small dice must be the same color as the larger die or you’ve gone bust!  Total up the points shown on the small dice after each shake, and if you stop before you bust you get to keep your points.  First to 50 wins and there are some bonus rolls that will give you extra points – or an instant win if all six dice are green!


Coinhole • Hasbro, 1 lb 5.6 oz, 2 players (or teams), Ages 8+, ~$14-19

By far the largest of the bunch (thick hardcover book) is Cornhole.  It is essentially the tabletop version of backyard bags (or cornhole if you’re from parts of the Midwest) but you’re bouncing the coins into the hole instead of just tossing them.  Coinhole uses wooden coins instead of bags and you can easily use quarters instead if you lose the coins somewhere on your trip.  It’s easy and fun for all ages, and it fold up into its own neat little ~8” x 5.25” x 2.75” handled box.


TableTopics • Ruby Mine, 1 lb 7.6 oz, 1+, players, Ages depend on SKU, $25

This is not a game.  It’s a box of “questions to start great conversations” which personally I though was kind of silly, until I was staying at a house on vacation last summer and there was a box of TableTopics in the center of the dining room table.  First few days we ignored it, but about halfway into the trip we were drinking and opened it up and had a great time answering the questions.  It was a nice break from the other games we had brought with (including Sagrada which I think we played a couple dozen times!)  This could be a great way to fill the time on a long drive when you can’t play games!


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