Cross Clues: Cooperative party game for 2+ players

Cross Clues

from Blue Orange Games is this great little cooperative party-ish word game.  It comes in a lovely little magnetic close box that neatly stores the cards and the 5-minute timer.  Players are working as a group and will refer to a grid in the instructions to gauge how well they did when the five minutes is up.

Cross Clues gam in play with cards laid out in a grid with not all grid spaces used

How to Play Cross Clues

Using letter cards and number cards, players will create a grid with letters down one axis and numbers across the other axis.  Word cards are placed next to each number or letter.  The goal of the game is to fill in the entire grid with cards.  Once the timer begins, each player will look at their coordinate card (like A-3) and they will need to find ONE WORD that describes both the A word card and the 3 word card. Once they think of the word they shout it out to the group. If someone can correctly guess their coordinates then they place it on the board in the corresponding spot and draw a new coordinate card.  If incorrect, it’s placed off to the side without revealing the coordinates (admittedly it’s hard to resist sharing!). When the five minutes is up or there are no more coordinate cards to guess, you count how many coordinates are on the table to see how you did!

Cross Clues game box with retro artMy Thoughts

First off, I found Cross Clues very fun.  There was no pressure to take your turn until you were ready and some of the words we came up with were downright clever!  I also love how this game scales.  It plays great with 2 players which isn’t always the case.  And you can change grid sizes for easier or harder play.  Note: if you do a 5×5 grid, you need to flip the timer to get 10 minutes instead of just 5.  Overall, Cross Clues was easy to learn, quick to play, a bunch of fun, and comes in a super nice quality box.  I really enjoyed Cross Clues and I’m so glad I was sent a copy to try!

Cross Clues Stats:

~$15 at Amazon also check your local toy and game store
2-6 players
10 minutes
Ages 7 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).