Color Brain Disney Edition: THE trivia game for Disney Movie Fans

The original Color Brain has been out for a little bit, but this year they’ve released Color Brain Disney Edition and I love it.

How to Play Color Brain

The idea behind the game Color Brain is that there are trivia questions asked to the group and then EVERYONE answers using their deck of 11 color cards.  Sometimes the questions ask for 1 color as your answer, but sometimes they might ask for more — like 3, 4 or 5 color cards — and you have to get them ALL correct to receive a point for the round.  How easy is that?!  The great thing is that everyone is playing at one time and you can always take an educated guess if you have no clue what the answer is.  This also means that despite the 8+ age on the game, you can easily have much younger kids play because they don’t need to do any of the reading.  I played with my daughter (4.5ish) and husband, while he won, she came in a close second!  As for me… well, let’s just say that I thought I knew a ton of answers I really didn’t, but I got very close on some!!  And even though I didn’t do well that first play-through, I really enjoyed it!

Color Brain Disney Edition Card Examples

As you can see above in the card examples, it shows you the logo of the movie, the question, and the number of colors in the answer on one side of the card and on the back it shows a picture and the correct answer.  A player needs to get 10 answers correct to win the game.  There are 250 cards total so you can get quite a few games out of it before having to repeat any trivia.

Color Brain Disney Edition Box

My Thoughts

Overall, I think Color Brain Disney Edition is a great family trivia game for kids below the suggest age of 8 and their parents to play as a family.  It’s quick to learn and play, and the topic makes it something everyone can enjoy.  Also if there’s a movie you haven’t seen in the mix you can easily just skip it or call it a “give your best guess” kind of round.  Kind of makes you want to have a Disney-themed family game night and to help you with that, I’ve included some suggestions from Amazon in the ad below.  Clicking the links will support The Game Aisle, but I also encourage you to support your local game retailers.

Color Brain Disney Edition Stats:

~$15 at Color Brain Disney Edition at Amazon and local game retailers
2-20 players (I’d say 2-4 players because teams just aren’t quite that fun in this game)
~10-15 minute
Ages 8 and up (But really I’d say 4-5+ as long as you have someone to read the cards)