Chicks Go Boom: Who doesn’t like a popping chicken coop?

Chicks Go Boom: Who doesn’t like a popping chicken coop?

Update: Cluck ‘N Chuck is now called Chicks Go Boom 

Back when I wrote about the trends I saw at 2012 Toy Fair I mentioned (and showed the showroom prototype for) Cluck ‘N Chuck and you can read that HERE.  The other game from Patch Products that I talked about in that section was Don’t Rock the Boat that I reviewed back at the beginning of August (read that HERE).  In both articles I discuss the return of plastic action or “skill and action” games that were much more common in the 1970s and 1980s.  Instead of reiterating my point, read one or both of those posts and I’ll just talk about this week’s game.

Cluck N’ Chuck is centered around a popping chicken coop and the goal is to get rid of all of your chickens before time is up.  Thankfully, there’s a little bit more to the game play.  Players all start with 9 chickens and they must select 3 of those chickens to be in play and they’re placed in a row.  On a player’s turn they roll the die and if they roll the color of a chicken in their row of 3 they can place it on the coop, if not then pass the die to the next player to your left who does!  They place their chicken on top of the coop and roll the die.  Once a chicken is removed from your row, replace it.  All players keep 3 chickens in front of them at all times until they have fewer than 3 chickens left.

When the timer pops up and the chickens go flying, whoever was in the middle of their turn (which is usually indicated by the possession of the die) has to collect all of the chickens and add them to their stash.

I have to say that I loved that there was some strategy to this game, although it will probably be lost on most 4 year olds that play, but the older kids definitely got that it was advantageous to diversify your row of 3.  Unlike Don’t Rock the Boat, which got played with like it was a toy after playing a couple rounds, Cluck ‘N Chuck definitely kept its “gameness.”  Overall a fun, frantic, classic action game.


Cluck ‘N Chuck Stats:

UPDATE: Cluck ‘N Chuck is now Chicks Go Boom

~$15 Amazon and game stores
2-4 players
10-15 minutes
Ages 4 and up

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  1. Kim Vandenbroucke

    Note to Tina Layne: You didn’t leave an email address with your comment but I’m very sad to hear you didn’t find this game as enjoyable as I did. It sounds to me like your product might have been defective. I’ve played with mine multiple times never had an experience like that. I would definitely contact the manufacturer to let them know you had an issue.

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