Cloud City: Towering light strategy game

I wish Cloud City had brighter colors or a flashier box because this game needs your attention!  It was so enjoyable to play the first time out of the box and makes for a fun, relaxing bit of gaming.

How to Play

In Cloud City, everyone is building their own little city and they’re going to score the walkways they place between buildings along the way. Everyone starts with 3 city tiles face-down in front of them and one face-up on the table that is the beginning of your city. Tiles always have 2 buildings on them and once they’re placed into your city, you’ll add the matching plastic buildings.  Blue are the shortest, green are medium height, and tan are the tallest.  In a 4-player game your city will be a 3×3 grid, whereas in a 2 or 3 player game you’ll be building a 3×4 grid city.

Cloud City In Play

On your turn you’ll add a tile to your city from one of the three in your hand, you’ll place the plastic buildings on your new tile, and attach any buildings using walkways that you’d like.  Walkways are 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 lengths long, this is also the points they are worth at the end of the game.  There are some rules about placing walkways:

  • You cannot place a walkway over a missing tile in your city grid.
  • You cannot place more than 2 walkways from any building.
  • Walkways of the same color/level may not overlap each other.

Once you’ve place any walkways you want you’ll redraw and your turn is over.  You can always wait and add your walkways later if you wish; just know some lengths may run out. To end your turn you’re going to choose a new tile to place in your hand.  There are always three face-up on the table to choose from or you can take one from the face-down pile.  At the end of the game (when everyone has either their 3×3 or 3×4 city finished) you’ll total up the points on your walkways to find a winner!  If there’s a tie, the blue (or lowest) walkway score will break that tie.

My Thoughts

This is my kind of game!  It’s a puzzle-y strategic game that makes you think a bit, but not in a way that you feel paralyzed or that you screwed up right away.  It’s more like a “I think I did a pretty good job, not perfect, but I think I have a chance” kind of feeling.  There’s not a ton of player interaction during the game, so it’s a nice relaxing game to play when you don’t feel like getting revenge or squashing another player. It’s also not a game you can speed through because you’ll need to take some time to add all of the buildings and walkways to your board. And despite it being for ages 10+, we found this quite enjoyable to play with younger players.  They didn’t feel like they were losing and helping them out didn’t make the adults feel that they were cheating or sacrificing their score.  With that said, I can see why the age is 10+ and that’s because it takes some dexterity to get your walkways in the right spot and if you accidentally nudge your board — oh goodness, it can cause a bit of a chain reaction!  Still, the end result really is quite satisfying to look at even if it is a bit precarious to touch.  I should also mention that there are more advanced rules too for once you feel that you’re ready for a bit more of a challenge!

Cloud City Stats:

~$35 at Amazon or other retailers
2-4 players (great with 2 players)
~30 minutes
Ages 10+ (with no reading I’d say 6+ for regular game-playing kids)

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.