Bob Ross Art of Chill: Fan or not, this is a nice painting game!

Bob Ross Art of Chill: Fan or not, this is a nice painting game!

Have you noticed that I haven’t posted in a little while?  Yeah, I decided to update my business website – which I’ve been meaning to do for over a year – and it’s taking a lot longer than expected.  It will now be nicely viewable on all sorts of devices with both retina and non-retina displays, but there’s been a bit of a learning involved as the WordPress theme needed some finessing. (Don’t look it’s still in Maintenance Mode since I haven’t quite finished.)  But speaking of LEARNING – this week’s article is about Bob Ross and the Art of Chill!  Bob Ross is everyone’s favorite TV painting instructor, but do you know how he got his start?  It’s actually quite interesting if you don’t and I’ll post an NPR story and great video at the bottom – but first let’s talk about this game…

The goal of the game is to be the first to reach the end of the chill meter and that’s done by earning “chill points” when you paint features like “happy little trees” on the active painting.  Everyone gets a palette and will add paints to it before using a brush and painting a whole feature.  Your turn is take in two parts. The first part is when you roll the die and something special happens; odds are you are going to roll a Bob head and have to flip over a chill card (although some other things are possible like drawing an extra supply card).  The chill card is going to direct everyone to collect extra chill points when they do something or take an extra action in the second part of their turn, stuff like that.  The stays active until another one is drawn or the action is something everyone does immediately.  Additionally, when you roll Bob he will “paint” part of the painting (he acts as a timer) and the little Bob head will move closer to the end of the track on the bottom of the painting. After your roll is resolved, then you get to choose which 3 moves off the list to take.  You may: draw a supplies card (which are cards with paint on one half and a brush on the other), apply 1 paint card to your palette, discard and replace the supplies cards (there are 4 face-up for everyone to choose from), earn a technique card, or paint a feature!  You can paint a feature by discarding the paint cards from your palette (not your hand), and the correct brush from your hand.  There’s a twist about where the paints are on the palette and they cannot be “mixed” with a color you don’t need that I’ll get into below, but adds to the play.  Once you’ve painted the feature you score chill points: 1 per color used for the feature and bonuses if you are the first or second player to paint it, if you use a “technique,” if the chill card awards bonus points for a color you had to use, and if you paint it before Bob reaches that point on the painting (it’s indicated on the Bob timer line), you also get bonus chill points.   You can only paint each feature 1 time (duh) and sometimes you can really rake in the points!  I’ve glazed over the “technique” in this short overview, but as an action you can trade 2 matching supplies cards from your hand to take the matching “technique” (a color or brush).  Then each time you use that technique when painting a feature, you get an extra point.

I played with 2 and 3 players and I think I liked it better with 3 because Bob paints a tad faster and it’s harder to plan where to put your paints on your palette.  You see, your palette has side A and Side be and once you place a paint on a side, it gets mixed with the others so they all have to be used at the same time.  There are also bonus points to consider when trying to paint – will Bob get to it first?  Will I get 2 bonus chill points for being the first to do that feature?  Will I get stuck with paints on my palette that I won’t need for the next painting?  There’s a bit to consider.

I never in a million years would have thought of this theme, but I love it.  I mean, Bob Ross is super laid back and feels like he doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body (although if you watch the video below you’ll find that not quite to be true), so it seems like an odd choice for a game theme but it’s fun and it works. Besides – it’s kind of fun to know that painting “Happy Little Trees” is going to get you to quash your opponent. Ha!  For anyone who is a Bob Ross Super Fan, there are a nice bit of Bob-isms in this game!  Every Chill Card has a fantastic Bob quote and all of the paintings are his.  If you’re not a Bob fan, this is still a good painting game with some nice player interaction and planning. It’s fun!  And fan or not, the look on everyone’s face when you whip this one out at game night makes this game AMAZING!

Bob Ross Art of Chill Stats:
~$25 Target ONLY and the presale has already started , Game will be in store in October (I’ll send out a reminder)
2-4 players
~30 minutes
Ages 12+

Enjoy these extras:

Show Your Work! Episode 2: Falling Out from Austin Kleon on Vimeo.

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).