BANX: If you like Yahtzee, you’ll like BANX more!

BANX: If you like Yahtzee, you’ll like BANX more!

The year I started The Game Aisle I wrote an article series called “I Love Dice Games” and one of those entries was for Yahtzee, a longtime family favorite.  Tim Walsh of Getta 1 Games knows I have a soft spot for dice games so he sent me a copy of his new game BANX, and if you like Yahtzee, you’ll love BANX!

BANX is very similar to Yahtzee (or the classic game Yacht or Poker Dice), in that you’re rolling for as many of a single number as you can on the top and straights and full houses on the bottom and you get the standard 3 rolls per turn.  The difference is that any roll you don’t use you get to “bank” that roll and you collect a coin.  Did you roll a full house on you first roll?  Great mark 20 on your scoresheet and take 2 coins.  Rolled for the third time but only have a straight of 4 dice not 5?  Then you can spend one of your coins for an extra roll.  

But that’s not all!  At the end of the game there’s the “BANX Shootout.”  This is where the player with the fewest coins rolls their dice and each player must try to beat that total — and you guessed it — they get to spend their coins on rerolls.  The player who ends up with the highest total gets to add it to their score.  

It sounds like a pretty simple change, but it really impacts how you play.  Getting a chip for not doing your 3rd roll and hoarding chips so you can burn some to get some 5-of-a-kinds is a good strategy.  But then the bonus for getting 60 points on the top of the sheet is 50 (instead of 35 in Yahtzee) so it’s important to get your points up there too. Decisions, decisions!

Overall, I really like BANXI’m a huge fan of Yahtzee; it’s such a classic and I see myself taking BANX out instead of Yahtzee next time–and that says a lot! The game comes with wooden dice for 4 players so you’re not waiting for someone to pass you the dice, which is nice!  There are also coin hiders but we found those annoying after game 1 and while I get why you might want to hide how many coins you had, it was just as much fun to mock the person who had none or egg on the person who had a ton to spend them.

BANX stats:

~$15 at Target (I’ll put up an Amazon link when I find one)
2 -4 players (you could do more if you share dice and find more chips)
~10 minutes
Ages 8 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).

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