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About the Game Reviews

Welcome to About the Game Reviews, the FAQ section for the reviews on this site.  If you want to find out if I’ll review your game, please see the Review Submissions and Industry Help.

1. Why only good reviews?

I don’t really think anyone wants to know which games stink.  They want to know which ones are worth their time and money.  So I only spend time writing reviews on games people might enjoy reading about and then playing.

2. Do you get paid to review the games on this site?

No. But since the FTC thinks that keeping a product constitutes “payment” then the answer is “sometimes.”  A portion of the games on this site are from my personal collection, but I also get some games sent to me free of charge.

I never take a monetary payment for a review and sending me a free copy doesn’t not guarantee a review — I have to like it.  If I don’t like the game it gets donated to a local library, school, park district or community group.  Additionally, a large portion of the games that get reviewed are donated because I like spreading the love!

3. You said you’re a toy/game inventor.  How does that affect your reviews?

For starters, I’ve got all sorts of insights to share with you about the inner workings of the game industry – you know cool stuff like who invented which game, how they came up with it, what the original theme was, etc.  I also have a great deal of knowledge on what it takes to make a solid game.  All pluses!  But I’m guessing you want to know if the game companies influence which games I write about.  The answer is “not really.”  Again, if I get a game from a manufacturer, licensor or inventor to test out and if it’s not very good, I won’t write about it.  They know just as well as I do that a particular game cannot be loved by everyone – so maybe I was one of the few that didn’t like it.  I’m not going to badmouth it online so I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings or sales numbers.

4. I hated a game you reviewed.

I’m very sorry to hear that.  Not every game is for every person.  I don’t want to spend 3+ hours playing a cooperative game about how ogres are going to find some gems before some zombies do (totally made up game).  There are always ones I like more than others, but every game reviewed on this site I’ve had fun with.  BUT please keep in mind that a good game still relies on having excited/willing players.  I’m guessing you’re not going to have a good experience if you grab HABA’s Sleepy Princess Pile Up game to play with a group of grown men.  Some games are great for a very small segment of the population – like girls between 3 and 7 who LOVE princesses.  Keep that in mind when pairing your game selection with your players.

5. Do you review your own games?

Yes! Well, sort of…sometimes I ask other people to review it for me other times I’ll talk about the creative process in the post.  Don’t worry, I’ll always state that it’s a that it’s a shameless plug!  If you want to see all of the posts for my games, click HERE.