5er Finden: Clever speed visual game for the whole family

5er Finden by Jurgen P.K. Grunau and released by HABA is my first review of 2021 and if we were going on that alone, I’d say we’re starting off on the right foot and it’s going to be a good year.  I still hope that’s true, but dang 2021… there is no need to out crazy 2020! *sigh we’re not even 2 weeks in.  But hey, in the middle of all of this chaos, we have board games so let’s get to this review!

How to Play

5er Finden is a speed visual game in which players all have their own boards and they race to find shapes that use the five dice that are rolled a the start of the round.  That sentence pretty much sums it up, but I’ll give you a bit more detail.  The game is played over five rounds.  The gray edged side of the two-sided boars is the same for everyone and the white edged side is different for everyone.  Agree which side you’ll play on and then one player rolls the five dice.  If you have more than pair of any symbol, roll again.  Those are the five symbols you’ll be looking for during this round.  On the table are 12 tiles.  Each tile is a shape you can make by placing 5 dice next to each other.  The value of the tiles range from 1 point to 4 points and you’re looking to earn as many points as you can.  Players are looking to find the exact symbols rolled in one of the tile shapes.  When they do they circle it on their board with their dry-erase marker.  Players need to find five shapes total, with no more than one of each particular shape. The shapes cannot overlap or share any symbols, but you can mirror or rotate the shapes.  You can erase shapes once you’ve outlined them.

5er Finden on the table being ready to play

When someone has found five shapes, they signal themed of the round by starting the sand timer in the center of the table.  Everyone has that much time to finish up before the round is scored.  Players score only what they’ve found and completely outlined.  If you are the player who turned over the timer you get one bonus point.  Play five rounds and see who has the highest score!

My Thoughts

5er Finden game tilesIf speed visual acuity games are your jam then 5er Finden is one to buy.  The game is colorful, quick to learn and fun.  5er Finden has some cleverness in the gameplay.  I’ve enjoyed speed visual games like this in the past, like the appears-to-be-out-of-print game Acuity from MindWare, but the point values on the shapes really gets the two thumbs up from me.  

5er Finden Stats:

~$20 at Amazon or other retailers
1-4 players
~20 minutes
Ages 7+

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