2020 Toy Fair Trends: Online Themed Adult Party Games

For a while there we saw just dirty adult party game upon dirty adult party game, but now we’re seeing lots of online themed adult party games.  Some of these games have a license on them like Buzzfeed or Tik Tok — but some, like Comment Below, have references to online social media but aren’t specifically branded.  Still, you know the reference.

I’ve also included a few below that I felt were tangentially related to this theme as they are media-based things you might discuss on social media with your friends/family.  Here in Chicago there are a couple radio shows (yes.. old school media) who regularly talk and post about Florida stupidity — not sure that’s big everywhere else, but big enough to make a game out of it I guess.  I can only imagine how hilarious the content is!

What Do You Meme Games

Clockwise from Top Left: Comment Below, Slide Into The DMS, Tik Tok Meme Game, “Over-Rated” All from What Do You Meme?

Buffalo Games Buzzfeed Games

Clockwise from Top Left: Tasty’s Cooking Chaos, 2020 Ultimate Trivia Game, Listicles all Buzzfeed Partnerships with Buffalo Games

See what I mean? and Rose Ceremony

Left to Right: Relative Insanity: See What I Mean? –  Play Monster, Rose Ceremony – Blue Orange

FL Man Game

Florida Man – Outset Media

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