2020 Toy Fair Trends: More Light Strategy

We all know the line between mass, specialty, and hobby is continuing to blur – and again that’s evident with more companies moving into the light strategy space – or if they were there, moving a bit heavier than they were before.  Frankly I’m kind of excited to see more rules in the game aisle.  When I first started in this industry, a designer I worked with told me mass market games are “toys with rules” but over the years, it’s kind of evolved to “toys with a rule” so I’m glad to see the general public show that they’re okay with rules!  And why not, most of the time you can watch a quick video on how to play if you don’t want to take the time to read the rule book – that wasn’t possible in the early 2000s.  So I have a feeling that this is going to continue and we’re going to see more rules across throughout the game aisle.

At Toy Fair the biggest surprise in this area were the three new games from Goliath: Dawn Under, Finding Nessie, and Rule the Realm.  All three had clever game elements, solid looking light strategy, and beautiful hobby-market artwork — which I wasn’t quite expecting from a game who I think of for great classics like Rummikub, fun plastic action like Dragon Snacks and Pop the Pig, and their line of edgy adult party games! Really looking forward to seeing more from them.

Light Strategy games from Goliath

Play Monster is also expanding their El Dorado line as well as adding a new title for the younger gamer who might like some strategy, Trailz.

Light Strategy Games from Toy Fair 2020

Clockwise from Top Left: The Revenge of El Dorado – Play Monster, Trailz – Play Monster, the Catacombs of Karak – Outset, and Mystic Market – Think Fun.

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And that’s it folks!  I hope you enjoyed these trends posts and if you haven’t checked out my Instagram page where I posted a TON of pictures from Toy Fair, please do!  Stay tuned for more reviews and industry stories including my annual “The Easter Bunny’s Bringing Games” post in early April.