2020 Toy Fair Trends: Crazy Drawing Games

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a ton of new drawing games released at once, and this year there were a bunch.  Granted, these aren’t drawing games that require a lot of skill — quite the opposite actually, even if you have drawing skills I’m not sure how much they’ll help you. These games that are going to really impair how well you draw by making it hard to see, or by having you draw on a moving platform — or by using some sort of game play mechanic like you only have a second to make a very quick sketch that you’ll have to remember later.  Here are some of the highlights:

Drawing games seen at NYTF 2020

Clockwise from Top Left: Game Face – Bananagrams, Star Link – Blue Orange  (This one I think is the coolest out of all in that you’re connecting stars to make your sketch — but then I was a huge space geek as a kid so why not?!) Up a Bit – Outset, PANA PO’O – Outset (this is a drawing with things game)


Drawing games seen at NYTF 2020

Clockwise from Top Left: Droll –  Blue Orange, Speedy Scribbles – Pressman, Spindoodle – Educational Insights, #UpsideDownChallenge Game – Vango (Note not all of this is drawing but some is and it’s crazy!)

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