2020 The Easter Bunny is Bringing Games!

With so many children and teens out of school due to Covid-19, more than ever I’m urging the Easter Bunny to bring some games!  Sure, chocolates and colorful sugary treats are classic basket fare, but games are going to last so much longer.  So here are some game suggestions that I thought were colorful, basket-sized, and packed with fun listed by age.


Unicorn Glitterluck

HABA, Ages 3+, 2-4 Players, ~$20 at Amazon 

Unicorns, crystals, clouds, and rainbow slides — what’s not to love in Unicorn Glitterluck?? This very simple pathway game is all about collecting crystals. Players take turns rolling the die and moving their unicorn on the cloud pathway collecting crystals along the way.  Sometimes you might roll a muffin and miss a turn snacking, but other times you may land on a rainbow slide and get to jump ahead.  If you’re the first player to get your unicorn to the end of the path, you’ll collect the four bonus crystals.  Then the game is over.  Now you flip the board over and line up your crystals, one on each cloud, so it’s easy to see who is the winner — which is great for younger kids who don’t know their numbers all that well yet!  Unicorn Glitterluck is a very cute, early pathway game for preschoolers that is a yummy pink color and will perfectly fit in just about any Easter basket!


Scoop Up Chuckle and RoarScoop Up

Chuckle & Roar (Buffalo Games), Ages 6+, 2-4 players, ~$10 at Target ONLY

Scoop Up was previously called ConeZilla when it was out in the early 2010s, but now it’s a Target exclusive for $10!  This is a great game that has younger kids working on their numbers, but there’s a bit of strategy and memory for older kids and adults too.  Everyone starts with a cone that has a scoop with the number 1 on it.  The goal of the game is to be the first to get 10 scoops total, but scoop numbers have to go in ascending order and the highest number is 49.  Scoops are all face-down in the center of the table and players flip one per turn, and then choose to add it to their cone or flip it back over.  It sounds simple, but do you take that 22 on your first turn because everyone else is looking for low numbers and you might be able to snag 8 more higher numbers?  There’s a decision on every turn and you’d better pay attention to what everyone else is flipping or you’ll be stuck with a tiny cone!  I will say that if the bunny does bring this game, make sure you’ve got some fun colored ice cream in your freezer, because you’ll want some by the end of this game!

LLAMA Game from AmigoL.L.A.M.A.

Amigo Games, Ages 8+ (but my 5 year old played this no problem), 2-6 players, ~$10 on Amazon

L.L.A.M.A. is a colorful card game is my ideal Easter Basket pick because it’s small, colorful, low-priced, plays with a wide variety of player counts and ages, and is super easy to learn!  The game has cards 1-6 plus llama cards and on a turn you’ll either play a card (same number, or 1 higher — llamas are like 7s and 1s go on llamas), draw a card, or quit the round. You play until everyone quits the round or someone plays all of their cards.  At the end of the round, you count up the points in your hand and take that number of chips — BUT there’s a twist, you if you have multiple of one number you only add those points up once.  So you have six 6s, that’s only 6 points — not 36!  If you are the player to go out, you get to discard a chip if you have any, and since there are 1 point chips and 10 point chips, you’ll obviously get rid of a 10 point one if you have it!  Play until someone gets 40 points and the player with the lowest point total is the winner.  We really enjoyed L.L.A.M.A. and it’s a great family game.  Note: I mentioned above, my 5 year old had no issue with L.L.A.M.A. but obviously she plays a lot of games.  Still, she got it on the first round of play with very little help from us adults — and was even was the first to go out! Granted, after that we didn’t let her win! HA!


Blossoms Game


Rebel Games, Ages 8+, 2 players only, ~$20 on Amazon

Blossoms is a beautiful light strategy, push your luck game all based on growing flowers and making the most beautiful bouquet.  How delightfully spring themed is that??  While it might be a little large for a small-sized Easter basket, I think the theme makes it a must-include for this list.   In Blossoms, players push their luck to grow flowers adding cards to make the stems longer.  Eventually players will choose to pick their flower and collect it for their bouquet — unless they’ve pushed their luck too far and they draw a card for a flower that isn’t currently growing or make a flower grow so large it busts out of its pot and then they end their turn adding nothing to their bouquet.  Play until there are no more cards in the draw deck, and the player with the best bouquet wins!  There are three special action tokens included in the game, but for younger players you can play without them making Blossoms playable by kids 6 or 7 years old who enjoy push your luck games.  Blossoms is also a nice light game for adults with lovely spring theme.

The Deadlies

Smirk & Dagger Games, Ages 10+, 3-5 players, $17 on Amazon 

Completely opposite of the sweet and nice game of Blossom, The Deadlies is not spring or Easter themed AT ALL… but it is colorful and would be a fun addition to a teen or adult’s Easter Basket (because we deserve games from the bunny too!).  This card game is based around the seven deadly sins and the artwork is outstanding!  On your turn you’re going to discard as many cards from your hand as you possibly can of the same suit, number, or a straight of any length and then resolve the text on the top most card.  Like for Wrath, you’re going to force another player to draw 2 cards from the deck, but if they have a wrath card in their hand after they draw 2 you’ll be drawing 2 too, and this will go back and forth until you’re both out of wrath cards. If you ever end up with no cards in your hand, you’ll reduce your wickedness level and once it reaches zero and you end your turn with zero cards – you win!  The Deadlies is a fun card game for 3-5 players and there are optional rules if you have a sixth player you’d like to include. Please note that this doesn’t release until April 3rd but you can pre-order it to arrive for Easter on Amazon.

Previously Reviewed Suggestions – Buy local if you can!

If your ad-blocker is off, below you’ll see some previously reviewed games that are great for Easter Baskets.  Please note that while I do get a small affiliate fee for any Amazon link you click (at no additional cost to you), I’d much prefer you purchase from a small local retailer if you can — especially right now!  Even if your town is under a “shelter-in-place” order like Chicago is, many small stores will still ship games to you.  In some areas, toy and game stores are still able to do curbside pickup or delivery which makes shopping a snap. Please consider shopping local and supporting these amazing retailers so they’ll be there when we get past this virus.  In the mean time please stay safe, stay home and play games, and wash your hands!