2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 6: Micro Trends and New Players

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Micro Trend: Is Slow Becoming Cool?

Snails, sloths, slow motion — it’s the completely opposite of speed games.  Whether highlighting a slow character or slowness in the mechanic, slow seems to be kind of cool.  Note this isn’t completely new this year since eeboo’s Sloth in a Hurry was out last year, but it’s interesting to see slow (which has in the past been a huge negative for games) be kind of trendy.

Pictured below clockwise from left: Snail Sprint – HABA, Snail’s Pace Race – Ravensburger (okay this isn’t 100% new it’s been rereleased in a cute new box), Slow Motion Race Game – Hasbro

slow games from new york toy fair


Yes, Cooperative Is Still a Thing

I had a few conversations during Toy Fair where people asked me if  “cooperative games are still a thing” or if it’s limited to companies like HABA and Peaceable Kingdom (and the Forbidden series from Gamewright.)  But I’d like to point out that yes, cooperative games are still a thing.  Here are some examples coming out this year:

Clockwise from top left: Sprint! – Blue Orange, Seal Squad – Hoyle, Slide Quest – Blue Orange, Whozit? – Gamewight, Zoo Run – Cooperative or Competitive – IELLO/Loki

some coop games seen at New York Toy Fair

Not pictured: Quirky Circuits – Plaid Hat Games


New Players in Preschool

Brain Games, best known for Ice Cool, has new preschool offering as does Think Fun!  Granted, Think Fun has the “must have game” for 18 month old little gamers, Roll & Play, but that has been in their line for a long time and they haven’t done much to expand that area — until now!  And what fun, it’s one of MY games!  Honestly, I love what Think Fun does so I’m thrilled to see them grow in this area and I hope they continue to expand their line of very young preschool games (beyond the Jr versions of their classics — although we love Rush Hour Jr.)

Pictured from left to right: Farm Rescue – Brain Games, Heads Talk, Tails Walk – Think Fun

2 new players in preschool games


New Players in Solo Brainteasers

Think Fun and SMART have been so dominant in the plastic board solo player brainteaser.  Brainwright also has some awesome solo brainteasers, but they tend to have less of the plastic board “look” which made me take note of the following two items.  Both Marble Circuit from MindWare and Tumble Maze from Blue Orange have the look and feel of a game you’d expect from Gamewright or SMART — and I find it interesting that there are more companies diving into that area.  Don’t you?

From Left to Right: Tumble Maze – Blue Orange, Marble Circuit – MindWare

2 new solo brainteasers


And that’s it!  These posts took way too much time and I’m dying to get back to reviewing fun games so stay tuned for that.  But first a quick thanks to all the companies who took the time to show me around their booths and talk to me about their new games!  You all rock!  Oh and if you feel I missed something, please feel free to put it in the comments below.