2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 5: Extensions and Good Games Never Die

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Line Extensions

Admittedly this worries me slightly, because I feel like the last time I saw a TON of line extensions was right after the economic downturn in ~2008. Sometimes it’s the “safe” bet because your game already has a following and you’re hoping they’re looking for more and you’re likely going to do well with it.  Like I’m going to guess that Sushi Roll (part of the Sushi Go!) line, is going to do really well because Sushi Go! and Sushi Go! Party are both awesome games that have a lot of fans.  Similarly, I’m sure players are begging for more content for Villainous (especially after it won the TOTY) so now there’s Villainous: Wicked to the Core.  But for some of these games it’s been ages since the first one came out, like Lost Cities Rivals (Lost Cities came out in 1999) and Rat-A-Tat Roll (Rat-A-Tat-Cat came out in 1995), so it’s not the obvious choice for a line extension, which makes me less worried and is probably making some long-time game fans super excited!

Clockwise from top left: Sushi Roll – Gamewright, Rat-A-Tat Roll – Gamewright, 5 Second Rule Spintensity – Play Monster, Relative Insanity Travel/Expansion – Play Monster, Yeti Forgetti – Play Monster, Bunny Kingdom in the Sky (not a stand alone) – IELLO, This That & Everything: Popular Culture – Outset Media, Qwirkle Rummy – MindWare, Rubik’s Cage – University Games, ISPY Travel – University Games, Color Brain: Disney Edition – Big Potato Games, Dragonrealm (a new Dragonwood game) – Gamewright, 3 New Murder Mystery Titles – University Games


Game extensions as mentioned in the post from toy fair 2019


Not Pictured but of noteLost Cities Rivals – Thames & Kosmos, Imhotep: The Duel – Thames & Kosmos, Villainous: Wicked to the Core – Ravensburger, Pictionary Air – Mattel, 2 New Very Hungry Caterpillar Games from University Games, Decrypto Extension – IELLO, Kanoodle Gravity – Educational Insights, 3 EXIT the Game extensions from Thames & Kosmos, Ubongo! Fun-Sized Extreme – Thames & Kosmos


Continuing Trend: Good Old Games Never Die…

Bringing back old games was a hot trend last year and you can read all about it in my What’s Old is New Again post.  This year it isn’t much different, but there have been some notable change of hands, like Upwords is no longer with Hasbro, but is now with Spin Master and they really made it a focal point of their booth (sorry no picture).  Also the classic children’s game, Pretty Pretty Princess, is also no longer with Hasbro and now with Winning Moves and The Logo Game is now with Play Monster.   Other games are coming back like 13 Dead End Drive — complete with oversized box — is with Winning Moves and it looks awesome!  See?  Old games never die. Sometimes they go away for a bit and then come back and sometimes they just change companies.

Clockwise from top left: Pretty Pretty Princess is now with Winning Moves, The Logo Game is now with Play Monster, Abalone is now with University Games, 13 Dead End Drive is back and now with Winning Moves, Gulpin’ Guppies is back and now with EPOCH, Sort It Out is back with University Games


old games mentioned in the post that have come back or moved companies

Not pictured but of note: 7 Ate 9 is now with Play Monster, Rivers, Roads & Rails is back again at Ravensburger, Upwords is now with Spin Master, Gator Golf is at Goliath, Crackers in my Bed is back and now with Winning Moves

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