2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 4: Shelf Laughs and Eye-Catching Licenses

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Continuing Trend: Shelf Laughs

Eye catching names and packages that immediately cause a laugh, that people are likely going to buy as a gift or for game night just to make everyone laugh.  It’s not a new trend, more a continuation of what we’ve seen. With some being based off trends like Beagle or Bagel, off funny references like This Game Goes to Eleven (out in late 2018)or just plain funny sounding like Kiss my Bass.

Clockwise from Top Left: Beagle or Bagel – Blue Orange, Hello My Name Is – Gamewright, World Series Stare Off – Outset Media, Kiss My Bass – Play Monster, Back to the 80’s Trivial Pursuit – Hasbro, It’s Blunderful – Bicycle

Shelf Laugh Games from Toy Fair

Not Pictured but of note: We’re Doomed!  – Breaking Games, This Game Goes to Eleven – Gamewright, Key Party – Outset Media, We Need To Talk… – Smirk & Laughter Games


Continuing Trend: Eye Catching Licenses for Adults

Similar to the shelf laughs trend above, the eye-catching licenses are still hot. In the past we’ve seen The Golden Girls, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Disney Villains.  This year we’re seeing Nancy Drew, Jaws, and Universal Studio Monsters.

Clockwise from Top Left: Nancy Drew Collector – Outset Media, Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set – Hasbro, Jaws – Ravensburger, Horrified (Universal Studio Monsters) – Ravensburger

Eye-catching licenses seen at NY Toy Fair

Not pictured but of note: Jumanji Fluxx – Looney Labs/Cardinal, Villainous: Wicked to the Core – Ravensburger, BTS UNO – Mattel, Jurassic Park – Ravensburger


Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World was EVERYWHERE.  It’s kind of not worth mentioning, because if you were there you saw it and if you watch YouTube reviews you know how huge Ryan is, but he seemed to have his stamp on just about everything!  When I was being shown around the Far Out Toys booth they had just announced some of their games would be branded Ryan’s World.  That kid has got it going on!

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