2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 3: Speed and Observation

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Speed and Observation Games

This year I felt it interesting that there were lots of speed games in which players have to figure something out before they can do the action. It wasn’t going to solely be who was fastest to grab or do something (although there were some of those, I’ll post two notable in the pictures below).  Instead, these games require some sort of deduction or problem solving or close observation before you can react, but reacting quickly is what is going to win you the game.

Dog Rush from Blue Orange has a colored dog on one end of each rope and a wooden ball at the other end.  You need to look at the mess of leashes and figure out which ball to grab and be the first to do it.  Sherlock Express also from Blue Orange requires you to use logic to see who is not the criminal and deduce who is and slap that card first.  Twin it! from Gamewright and requires you to look at complex patterns and find the exact match.  And one of my new games, Chowasaurus from University Games – has you grabbing correct foods before you have to quickly feed them to your wearable dinosaur.

Clockwise starting with the top left: Sherlock Express – Blue Orange, Senõr Pepper – Goliath, Dog Rush – Blue Orange, Twin It! – Gamewright, Can You See What I See? – University Games, Chowasaurus – University Games

speed and observation games

Not Pictured: Snowman Dice – Brain Games,  Beagle or Bagel – Blue Orange, Grabolo – Play Monster, Observation – Outset Media


Speed and Dexterity Skills Games

As mentioned the in blurb above, there were plenty of straight-up speed games.  These two were some notable fun speed and skill games that I thought worth sharing.  L to R: Bears in Barrels – Blue Orange, King of the Ring – Yulu


speed and dexterity games


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