2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 2: Survival and Adventure

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Survival/Adventure Games with a “Story”

I guess it doesn’t come as much surprise that adventure was a hot theme this year.  It’s kind of a classic theme, and the Restoration Games remake of Fireball Island made a splash in 2018, so in a way, maybe it was just time for this theme to come back.  And while it was somewhat easy to overlook, because it’s not an in-your-face theme like poop, when I was reviewing my notes I was like “woah.. that’s a lot of adventure games with a strong story element!” Some of these games have some fantasy/magic in them, but overall the feeling is that there is an adventure story you’re a part of and you/your character need to survive.  Slide Quest from Blue Orange has layers like a video game that players must cooperatively work through by moving their piece around the board and losing life points if they screw up.  Yulu has a whole line of Survival Skillz games (to follow up their Spy Code line) that put you in the adventure and you’ll run with a torch, spear fish, or leap over lava.  Then there are games for the older adventurers like the new line of Adventure Games from Kosmos which seem to be akin to their super successful EXIT games, and very focused on the story.  Looks like we’ll all be going on some adventures this year!

Clockwise from top left: Slide Quest – Blue Orange, Survival Skillz: Lava Leap – Yulu, Honga – HABA, Sky Magic – Peaceable Kingdom/MindWare, The Bridge to Treasure Cave – Amigo USA, Survival Skillz: Fish for Fish – Yulu, Survival Skillz: Torch Run – Yulu

Adventure games mentioned above seen at New York Toy Fair

Also of note but sadly not pictured: Qwirky Circuits – Asmodee/Plaid Hat Games (has an adventure book), Roll for Adventure – Kosmos (late 2018), Adventure Games – Kosmos, Jamunji Fluxx – Looney Labs and Cardinal Games, The Island of El Dorado – Play Monster

And I couldn’t do this post without mentioning the awesome catalog from Endless Games — because it’s so this trend and awesome!

2019 Endless Games Catalog Cover


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