2019 Toy Fair Trends Part 1: Less Gross, Less Dirty

The 116th New York Toy Fair is over and it was a great one!  I got my picture taken with Cookie Monster, I grabbed a cup of coffee with LEGO’s Emmet, I saw MY game in the showroom at Hasbro, my flight home left the gate twice but only took off once (ugh!), and I saw a ton of new toys and games!  If you want to see the pictures I took, please visit The Game Aisle’s Facebook Page or Instagram Account.  And now, I’m guessing you’d like to know what trends I found!


Less Gross

Toy Fair 2018 will always be remembered as the year of poop.  It felt like every booth had a poop game or toy or BOTH! Thankfully this year there was only 1 new poop game (that I saw), Shoot the Poop! From Maya games.  Goliath had a farting game and Hasbro has a peeing puppy (woohoo!), but overall, I think we’re moving past the super gross poop, pimples, toilets, and super toilet humor we saw last year. This year there were a few slime games (although slime was of course big in the toy/activity/craft arena), but it appears we’ve veered away from the extra gross back to children’s games that rely on fun actions.

Some that I saw pictured below, clockwise from top leftOranguTwang – Play Monster, Dragon Snacks – Goliath, Pickin’ Chickens -EPOCH, Zombie Gotcha and Spin Off – Mattel, Springin’ Spiders – Far Out Toys, Meltdown – Play Monster Not Pictured but of note: Porcupine Pop – Hasbro

Sampling of less gross kids games at Toy Fair 2019

Party Games that AREN’T Dirty

Similarly, I felt that there were fewer new games in the “dirty” or “after dark” area of adult gaming — there were still quite a few, but no where near as many as I’ve seen in past years.  Companies like Goliath with their Games Adults Play line, are still going strong, but it was nice to see that there’s a nice selection of .  This year I saw more games that felt that they weren’t relying on the dirty part of things to provide the fun!

A small sampling of games I saw clockwise from top left: Sketchy Stories – Big Potato Games, Whozit? – Gamewight, Lost in Translation – Outset Media, Tip of the Tongue – University Games, AKA – Endless Games, We Need to Talk – Smirk & Dagger

Not Dirty Adult Party Games

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