2018 Toy Fair Preview: Winning Moves

2018 Toy Fair Preview: Winning Moves

Happy 2018!  Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and played tons and tons of games with family and friends!  Can you believe it’s Toy Fair Season already??  Yep, I got a copy of the Winning Moves 2018 catalog in the mail and I’m excited to share with you some of the new stuff that they will be showing in New York.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Winning Moves you should be because they publish 2 (now 3) of my games — also because they do some amazing classic games like Pit, Pass the Pigs, and Crocodile Dentist.  Winning Moves does an great job of bringing back classics that you get warm and fuzzy memories about (Waterworks, Cranium Cadoo) as well as spin-offs of some classic brands (like my game Scattergories Categories), but they also do completely new games like Nibbled (mine) and Brainspin.  So without further delay… here’s what they’ve got cookin’ (if it’s out now I’ve put the Amazon link… if not it’s MSRP.)

Advance to Boardwalk  2-4 players, 8+, ~$20 on Amazon

Did you know this was the first Monopoly spin-off??  Yep in 1985!  I didn’t realize that either, but how interesting is that?

CLUE Suspect Card Game  3-4 players (alternative rules for 2 players), 8+, ~$11 on Amazon

“All the intrigue of CLUE in just minutes!” Obviously, the board is gone (don’t worry they have an awesome version of the Classic CLUE if you love having the board) and it’s all about the questioning and cards in this new game.


Pictureka! Card Game  2+ players, 6+, ~$11 on Amazon

A couple years back Hasbro did a card game version of Pictureka! and I believe this is the same one.  It’s a fun, fast, finding game that has 4 different ways to play so a bit of value — that and I kind of have a soft spot for the funky Pictureka! artwork.


Monopoly The Card Game  2-4 players, 8+, $11.95 MSRP

This is not Monopoly Deal that Hasbro did a few years back.  This is Monopoly The Card Game that Winning Moves released in ~2000.  It’s literally a card game based on Monopoly in that you’re trying to collect “sets” of a property color group but instead of there being a discard pile, there’s a trade pile.  Okay this is mostly what I remember from playing it YEARS ago — you can read more about it on it’s Wikipedia Page (weird, right?) or BGG.


Deluxe Pente 2-4 players, 8+, $21 MSRP

You remember Pente?  I was given a copy of the 2 player version when I was about 9 (and WOW I found the 1989 Promotional version on Amazon – crazy!)  I don’t recall playing it that much — backgammon was much more of the 2 player game of choice in my family.  Anyway, this is a DELUXE version so it’s for 2-4 players and comes with a large roll-out mat so you don’t have to store a large board.


Ice Pop Swap 2-4 players, 4+, $9 MSRP

Last but not least MY new card game!  Match up random ice pops to start the game.  On your turn grab a pair and keep one and give the other to someone else.  How to choose?  Well, one of the three colors of an ice pop will be the color of the stick is on the back — you just don’t know which of the 3 colors it will be!  The goal of the game is to collect 4 sticks of one color before anyone else does — and you don’t want to be stuck with a dirty stick! Ick!  You can also play this as a cooperative game and see if you can get everyone 4 sticks of one color before you run out of pops.  What a deal!




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