2018 Toy Fair Preview: North Star Games

2018 Toy Fair Preview: North Star Games

North Star games is introducing a new line of games called “Happy Planet,” which I presume is to build on the wild success of their game Happy Salmon(Review is HERE.)  Their press release says that that Happy Planet isn’t just a new line of games but a new “breed of games” and the Happy Planet games “raise the happiness level of everyone playing.”  Sounds good to me! Let’s see what the new games are all about:

Monster Match: 6+, 2-6 players, ~10 min

“Monster Match is the screaming-fast game of catching cute, donut-eating, monsters. Players roll the special “Monster Dice” and race to find a monster that matches the dice rolled. How fast can you find a monster with 3 eyes…or 4 arms? With each monster worth different donut points, do you search for just any matching monsters, or do you try to find the monster with the most donuts? Be quick, but also be strategic! Go too fast and you might miss a monster with more donuts!”

Funky Chicken: 6+, 3-6 players, ~2 min

Yeah, that’s not a typo.  I wrote “2 min” and frankly, who doesn’t have time for that?? I mean it might take you longer to get the game, bring it to the table, and unzip it.  It’s the same deal for their TOTY Game of the Year Finalist Happy Salmon. It’s great; you can play once or multiple times, have multiple winners in a small amount of time, and while I’m not 100% sold on the fabric fish (I have a weird dislike for fish), it’s stores and travels pretty easily.  So how is Funky Chicken different than Happy Salmon?  Read on:

“Take all the excitement of the 2018 TOTY Game of the Year Finalist Happy Salmon, add funky dance moves, pack it in a chicken, and you’ve got…Funky Chicken! Funky Chicken is a simple, fast-paced card game that gets everyone moving and laughing in under two minutes. Players simultaneously call out the dance actions “Bump”, “Swing”, “Spin”, and “Funky Chicken”. When two players match, they perform the dance move together and discard their card. The first player to discard all their cards wins! Play Funky Chicken solo or combine it with Happy Salmon to create even more fun!”

That’s it!  I’m hoping to give them both a whirl during Toy Fair and I’ll let you know if they “raise my happiness level!”  

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