2017 Toy Fair Trends: Part 4 (the last one)

2017 Toy Fair Trends: Part 4 (the last one)

This is it, the last part of the 2017 Toy Fair Trends series.  If you missed them here are links: Parts 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.

Cooperative Games for Kids:

Peaceable Kingdom is still rocking the coop games for kids. As I mentioned in Part 1, they just added a line of games for 2 year olds: Bedtime Bunny, Monkey Around, and Where’s Bear? (Pictured below)

They also launched my first cooperative game, Blue Plate Scramble and it’s ADORABLE! It’s a great little speed memory game were players have to remember the two items paired up for each customer’s order – screw up and you get angry customers! (Pictured at right)

Okay so Peaceable Kingdom is still chugging along doing their thing – and I expect that. What I didn’t expect was how many other companies said “oh and this is ______, one of our new cooperative games” like it’s standard for everyone to have cooperative games.   The interesting thing here is that cooperative games seemed trendy in 2011, but then in 2013 the cooperative games were “left to the experts” and I found very few of them outside of a small number of companies. So hearing about a bunch of new cooperative games surprised me a little bit. Here are some that I saw:

L to R: Powerpuff Girls: Saving Townsville Before Bedtime – Pressman, Bandito – Helvetiq, Hamster Clan – HABA

L to R: Ant Colony – Outset Media, Minnie: Happy to Help! Game – Wonder Forge, The Mysterious Forest – IELLO


Hasbro’s done their Next Game Challenge with Indigogo, Buffalo picked up a whole bunch of adult social games from Kickstarter, and it seems like this is going to continue. Spin Master picked up Santorini and 5 Minute Dungeon (pictured above). Both of these games were funded on Kickstarter and will be launched by Spin Master at Geo Con – which indicates Spin Master’s interest in playing in the hobby market.

This year we’re also seeing ThinkFun doing a special Kickstarter of their own to fund their Roller Coaster Challenge and it’s already been funded despite having more than 20 days to go.

Two other games that came from the crowdfunding arena:

L to R: SUNK! – Winning Moves (Hasbro Next Great Game Challenge Finalist), Shit Happens – Goliath


Even More Continuing Trends:

Dirty Games

It’s amazing how many dirty games there are and they just keep coming!  Trivial Pursuit and Taboo now have dirty versions, Buffalo Games added a Watch Your Mouth NSFW Expansion Pack, and a game called The Censored Game.  Goliath picked up Shit Happens (pictured above) and Looney Labs/Fully Baked Ideas added Adult Mad Libs The Game.  Pictured is That was Awkward, by Endless Games.  I’ll admit those are the ones I noticed; I probably missed quite a few.


Escape Room Games

I was wondering if this escape room type of game was going to survive! If you recall, there were a few titles out last year and those companies all have additional titles available.  Additionally, Kosmos has a new line of games called EXIT. There are 3 in the series thus far: Exit: The Abandoned Cabin, EXIT: The Secret Lab, EXIT: Pharaoh’s Tomb.  There’s also UNLOCK! from Asmodee/Space Cowboys.



Whew!  I think that’s it.  It was an interesting year with lots of new titles and want to say a quick thanks to everyone who took the time to show me around their booth, play quick games with me, and answer all of my questions!  I look forward to seeing everyone next year — if not before — and hope that everyone’s new stuff sees great success!