2017 Toy Fair Trends: Part 3

2017 Toy Fair Trends: Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 I covered three HUGE trends: YouTube, Toy-etic, and Strategy. Those are pretty big themes, but what TYPES of games did I see a ton of? There were two that stood out:

Speed Visual:

These are the “How fast can you spot something to win a round” games. I personally love visual speed games so it was fun to try some of these out at the show. Here are a few that stood out:

L to R: Cudaki – MindWare, Dr. Microbe – Blue Orange, Mosquito Madness – Outset Media

L to R: The Legend of the Wendigo – IELLO, Cobra Paw – Bananagrams, Braintopia – Asmodee

Others not pictured: Rubik’s Battle – University Games, Color Smash – Pressman, Eye ‘N Seek – Blue Orange


Word Games:

There seemed to be a resurgence in word games. This happens every few years; I saw a bunch back in 2013. Personally I enjoy word games so this is always fun to see. The trouble with word games though, is that there are so many of them. Inevitably, a few are unique/fun/exciting enough to float up to the top and others may not have found their time yet. Along those lines is PDQ which was at Gamewright, then it went away and it’s back as part of their Port-a-Party line and it looks like it’s going to be a great fit! It was a fun game to begin with and putting it in an easy-to-take-with box makes sense!

L to R: Akin – Funnybone Toys, Whim – Funnybone Toys, Krazy Wordz – Ravensburger

L to R: See It! Slam It! Say It! – Outset Media, Qwordie – Bananagrams/Big Potato, Word-a-Melon – Bananagrams

L to R: Word Slam – Kosmos, PDQ – Gamewright (re-release, now in their port-a-party line), Word on the Street Junior – Educational Insights (with a new publisher!)


Linking Words Games:

An interesting somewhat-subset of the word games trend is the linking words trend. There are plenty of games that words need to start with a certain letter, but these three games require words to be linked together. Burst Out Laughing Gas requires your partner to give you clues so you guess two common phrases to be linked via one common word (hence the name! “Burst Out Laughing” + “Laughing Gas”). Link ‘Em is a little more riddle-based and has questions like “Q: ‘A Toy Spud meets A Dandruff Shampoo?’ A: Mr. Potato Head & Shoulders.” It also comes in a spiffy little tin! Different than the previous two, AfterWords is a category game where answers must fit into a particular category, but the first letter must match the last letter of the previous word – in essence linking all of the words together!

L to R: Burst Out Laughing Gas – MindWare, Link ‘Em – Getta 1 Games, AfterWords – Educational Insights