2017 Spiel des Jahres Winners!

2017 Spiel des Jahres Winners!

Yesterday they announced the Spiel des Jahres winners! ( If you don’t know about the Spiel des Jahres, it’s the game of the year awards in Germany and they pick the game of the year, the children’s game of the year, and the expert’s game of the year.  You can read more about it here: http://spieldesjahres.com/de/ueber-uns)

The winners are…

Spiel des Jahres/Game of the year: Kingdomino (which is AMAZING… I reviewed it HERE.)

Author: Bruno Cathala, Publisher: Pegasus Spiele (Blue Orange in the USA), 2-4 players, 8+, ~15 min.

What the jury said: “Kingdomino” raises the old Dominion principle to a new level – without losing the simple elegance of the model. On the contrary: the planning of the extensive landscapes around the castle and the clever mechanism in the selection of tiles are harmoniously interlinked and masterfully reduced to the essentials. The strong two-person variant with XXL-king rounds off the fast and fast learning experience.”


Kinderspiel des Jahres/ Children’s Game of the Year: Ice Cool

Author: Brian Gomez, Publisher: Amigo (Brain Games here in the USA), 2-4 players, 6+, ~30 min.

What the jury said: “There is another saying that school is uncool. School is cool, Ice Cool. Once the arena has been set up, children of all ages can not help but sneak the penguins across the ice. The learning curve is great – with exercises, amazing tricks are possible. Everything is right here: Brian Gomez combines an original game story, impressive equipment, detailed illustrations and challenging sequences to an ideal type of skill game.”


Kennerspiel des Jahres/Expert Game of the Year: Exit – The Game

Author: Inka and Marcus Brand, Publisher: Kosmos, 1-6 players, 12+, 1-2 hours

What the jury said: “Captivating! Challenging! Amazing! The perfect playing principle and the remarkable quality of the cooperative adventures from the series “Exit – Das Spiel” convince so much that all three titles of the premiere season are highlighted. The many innovative puzzles make it a pleasure to look for the not trivial and often ingenious solutions. These games are a must for all Escape Room fans and those who want to become one.”