2016 ChiTAG Picks

2016 ChiTAG Picks

Whew – what a weekend! ChiTAG is over and I had an amazing time at the conferences, the TAGIE Awards, PlayChic, and finally the fair itself. Besides getting to see and play some games I already know and enjoy, I’d like to share three new ones that I learned about that sound fun!

panic-lab-chitagPanic Lab from Gigamic, 2-10 players, ages 8+, $12

I saw Panic Lab game on Gigamic’s website and was like “eh.. another visual speed game.” But no, after playing it I realize it’s like a visual speed challenge on crack. You roll the dice and are looking for an “Amoeba” that fits the criteria. There’s one die that says where you start looking on the circle, but every time you run into a vent you jump to the next vent. There are also “Mutation rooms” that will change the color/shape/pattern that you’re looking for so the end Amoeba you’re looking for may not actually look anything like what the dice say! It really keeps you on your toes given that you have to keep track of the changes and jumps around the circle in your head, because you want your hand to get there first to win the round!


movie-buff-chitagMovie Buff from Golden Games,  2+ players, ages 10+, $25

If you were at the fair, you know the lure freshly popped popcorn smell that came from this booth. (yum!) Over the years, it feels like I’ve seen dozens and dozens of movie/cinema games BUT this one was actually pretty cool for one reason: there’s nothing specific about any movie in this game yet it’s still all about movie knowledge and strategy. Movie Buff includes cards that say Movie, Actor, Role, and Quote, plus some game play strategy cards. You start by playing Movie card and saying a movie title. Subsequent players play actor, quote, or role cards and have to give answers that pertain the the movie you’re discussing. The strategy cards allow you to skip your turn, start a new movie, reverse the flow of play, etc. If you get stuck and can’t play or give an answer, draw a card from the deck and add it to your hand. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of your cards. Good fun for any movie buff!


tak-tak-chitagtak•tak from Twizmo! Games,  2 players only, Ages 8+, $13

tak•tak is a strategic checkers-like game where you are trying to move chips of different values across the board into your opponent’s safe zone. Each chip has a number and a color and players can either hop on one of their own chips or one of their opponent’s chips if the number or color match. Hop on your own to move your chips across the board quicker. Hop on your opponent’s to stop them from moving to your side AND if you get those chips to your opponent’s safe zone you get to score them. Overall it seems like a nice little strategy game that doesn’t take a ton of time to learn or play.