10 Days in the Americas: The Next Excursion is Here!

10 Days in the Americas: The Next Excursion is Here!

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This past weekend was my one-year anniversary and for our honeymoon we went to Puerto Rico and Dominica for ten days.  So how odd is it that the game I’m reviewing this week happens to be 10 Days in the Americas by Out of the Box?  It is totally a coincidence, but makes for a great opening paragraph don’t you think?

10 DAYS SERIES10 Days in the Americas is the latest in a line of map-themed games invented by Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum.  The series already includes: 10 Days in Africa (2003), 10 Days in Europe (2003), 10 Days in the USA (2003) and 10 Days in Asia (2007).  Each one of the games is about coordinating a 10-day trip throughout a particular area of the world.  Slightly similar to Rack-O, you need to be the first player to get your 10 tiles in a fluid order within your rack in order to claim victory!

In 10 Days in the Americas, your trip needs to start and end in a country, but all of the days in between can be a mixture of countries, cruises and plane rides.  At the start of the game, players fill their 10-day card racks by pulling tiles one-by-one and placing them in an open day slot.  Once a tile is place, it cannot be moved so there is a lot of strategy in how to organize your starting tiles.

When everyone has filled their racks, the game begins.  Through drawing, swapping and discarding tiles, players replace the tiles in their racks to organize a continuous trip.  From your starting country you can walk, fly or take a boat (if it’s on the water) to another country.  To “walk” to another country the two countries must be touching on the map (islands are connected by a dotted line) and the two tiles can be placed next to each other in your rack.  To fly to a country, your departure and destination countries must be the same color and you must place a plane of the same color in between the two of them.  Lastly, to take a boat from one country to another, you need to place a tile that matches the waterway your country is on and then after that you can place your destination tile (if the two countries are on the same waterway); if they’re further apart you need to place multiple waterway tiles to get you from one country to the other.  Most trips will be a combination of walking, flying and taking a boat from country to country, and in the end it’s whoever gets their 10 tiles in a fluid order first that wins!

The game is very easy to grasp and the more time you play the quicker you get at remembering which countries border which.  Yep, sounds a little educational but that’s okay right?  It’s kind of like hiding vegetables in other foods – as long as it’s yummy, who cares that it’s actually good for you?!

10 Days in the Americas Stats:
~$25 Amazon (10 Days in the Americas is out of print but I highly recommend trying one of the other titles)
2-4 players
15-20 minutes
Ages 10 and up (although I think it’s fine for some 8 year olds)


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