Yamodo!: Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either, but it’s fun…

Yamodo!: Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either, but it’s fun…

Yamodo spiralYamodo! I have no idea how to pronounce it or what it even means, but I think that might be the point.  Originally, I ran across Yamodo! in the basement of Javits at Toy Fair and the people working their booth were very perky and forced me to stop and take a look.  At the time they were selling this sheets of paper with a crazy nonsense word at the top of each page, a haphazard line or two in the middle of the page, and “Is…” and a couple lines at the bottom of the page and they told me it was a game. Activity yes, game no.


Yamodo! now has a few different SKUs of little spiral Good To Go Yamodo! books including Magic & Mayhem…which makes me think of those hilarious insurance commercials (love those!)  But more importantly they have a REAL game, called Yamodo! Party Time.  

Yamodo_PartyTimeNow, if you are a regular Game Aisle reader, you know that I don’t really care for drawing games because I find it kind of hard to convince people to draw, but I have to appreciate the creativity that this game promotes.  It’s got a bit of an Apples to Apples feel in that there is one person who judges each round and everyone else offers up a drawing that they can lobby the judge to select as the best.  The drawings are done on Yamodo! pages and everyone fills in the space for the  nonsense word at the top with the same word (from a deck) and then they get a tag line like “2 for 1” special from another deck to get their brains chugging.  Sheets get passed around and at the end of the round the judge selects a winner and whoever doodled on that sheet last wins the round.  In a way it’s like Balderdash meets Telestrations meets The Extraordinaires Design Studio meets Apples to Apples.

A couple thoughts – sometimes the passing thing stinks because you added the funniest part of the drawing and you didn’t win because someone gave your hilarious monkey shaved like a French poodle a rhinestone banana necklace at the last minute.  So feel free to skip that part.  The other thing is that having the poor artists EXPLAIN what their drawings were supposed to be was HILARIOUS.  That thing that looked like an amoeba with feet…no, no that was actually a mailman in a wetsuit.

Regardless of skill, if you can dream up something fantastic you can still win Yamodo! Party Time.

Side note here – Yamodo! also has a 2-second (if that) spot in Toyland, the movie!  How cool is that?!

Yamodo! Stats:
$10 for the Yamodo! Good To Go spiral skus including: Gizmos & Gadgets, Magic & Mayhem, and Monsters & Aliens Amazon (click title for link)

Yamodo! Party Time Stats:
~$18 at Amazon but I haven’t seen it many other places
4 to 12 Players
~20-45 minutes
Ages 12 and Up

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