Welcome to The Game Aisle!

Ever notice how books, movies, video games, etc. are all reviewed — but you never see reviews on games you’d find in the game aisle?  It’s a problem right?  Most people now walk into their local Big Box store, Toys ‘R US, Barnes and Noble or small mom & pop toy store have to rely on cool box art or classic brands to pick a game.  They know NOTHING about half the games in there.  I find this sad.

So, since I am the type of person who will recommend games to total strangers if they look perplexed at my local Target, I thought I would do something about it.

The game plan is that I will review the good games, ignore the bad and sometimes talk about the ugly ones but only if they are fun to play.  (see Pit review)  I also feel compelled to share with you something about the inventor, because the stories about how these games came to be is often quite interesting.  (And I’m an inventor and I think my fellow inventor friends deserve some credit. ha!)



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  1. T. Dudkiewicz

    Hi Kim,
    I love your new blog – it’s very well done. I am looking forward to reading about many games to come and trying out some new ones with the family!


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