APRIL FOOLS: Unruly: Seriously, it’s a game without rules.



Rules, instructions, directions – whatever you want to call them, they’re outdated.  No one reads them unless they have to anyway so why bother including them?  That’s exactly what the manufacturers of the new card game UnRuly thought.

Why no rules?

“Right after we created the game we planned on putting rules in the box because that’s what everyone does – but then we asked ourselves, why?  No one reads them.  We thought our game was self-explanatory enough so we decided to skip the rules and avoid the extra paper.  After we made that decision the name just fell into place.”

Really?  One sheet of paper was that much of a problem?

“It definitely provided some savings to skip it but more importantly, think of how it’s impacting the environment.  We feel that omitting the rules from UnRuly helps make it ‘green.’  And we feel that is important.”

So what if the players can’t figure out how to play?

“We don’t feel that is going to happen.  We think it’s pretty obvious, but we’re sure they’ll tweak the game to suit their needs so it may end up being a better game for them than what we had intended.”

So there you have it.  I’d explain how to play the game, but since part of the fun is the players figuring out how to play on their own I guess I’ll skip that part.

UnRuly Stats:

  • ~$30 but good luck finding it.
  • 2 or more players — all depends on your rules
  • ~? min. again it depends on your rules
  • Any age you make the game for
** The “UnRuly” image was modified from Kate Konova’s “Art of Wash” project you can see HERE.  Happy April 1!


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  1. Paul

    This concept is fantastic. First time playing it I felt like Calvin and Hobbes playing Calvinball. Best, Game, Never.

  2. Ed Wedig

    Interesting idea. A sheet of rules is just one more thing that could get separated from the rest of the game, and lost. Putting the rules on the box means that there is a greater chance that the rules will stay with the components.

    But, this isn’t a new idea. I seem to remember other games having the rules printed in the box top.

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