Trucky 3: Truckloads of easy to hard puzzle fun!

Trucky 3: Truckloads of easy to hard puzzle fun!

Since it’s back to school time and I’m a big fan of one-player puzzle challenges I thought I’d share with you one of my newest finds.  We’re familiar with seeing one-player brainteaser/games from companies like Think Fun and Smart Games, but not often do I find ones that I think are great start young and “grow with me” products.  I was excited to see Trucky 3 from Smart Games because I think that young kids will find playing with the trucks fun even if they aren’t doing one of the puzzles and when I gave it a try I realized the enormous breadth of challenges.  One truck, two pieces was extremely easy – then I jumped to one of the “master” challenges and oh my goodness was it more difficult than I expected!

I’m sure some of you reading this might wonder if having really difficult puzzles in a product for kids 3+ is going to make it too challenging of a product, but I think it’s great.  I love that an older sibling or parent can play with their child’s toy and get some fun out of it as well.  I also really like that the range of super easy to really hard makes this a product that your child can enjoy for years; I just wish there were more puzzles per level because the jump between “Starter” and “Junior” is pretty big and the difference between Junior and “Expert” is huge.  This is partially because Starter and Junior puzzles require only 1 vehicle whereas the Expert level requires the use of 2 vehicles and “Master” challenges includes 2 or 3 vehicles!

Let me backtrack a little and explain what the challenges are.  There are 3 trucks with different sized clear plastic containers on the back and 10 different shaped plastic pieces that fit in them.  Each challenge listed in the spiral booklet will show you which truck(s) and which pieces you need to use.  A correct solution is having all of the pieces placed into the required truck(s) without any of the pieces peeking out over the top part of the truck.  Empty space in the truck is fine, which adds to the difficulty sometimes.

I do wish that Trucky 3 came with a nice zip bag for the trucks and pieces like Smart’s one-player puzzle Anti-Virus did because it’s a challenge in itself to get it back into the packaging!  Still, the pieces are really heavy duty plastic and the trucks are cute wooden ones with nice little faces that make it look more like a toy than an educational puzzle!

Trucky 3 stats:

$25 Amazon, Fat Brain Toys,, and other places Smart Games are sold
1 player
How long do you want to play?
Ages 3 and up



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  1. Raf

    Nice review, but why do you think the image at the right is a wrong solution for challenge 23? It’s the only correct one, but it would be more clear if you showed it from side view.

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