Toy Fair 2014: Trends Part 2

Toy Fair 2014: Trends Part 2

This is part 2 of a three part series.  Read part 1 HERE and part 3 HERE.

2013 TREND: Party Games

2014 Update: Party Games Are Still Chugging Along But Not HUGE Like Last Year

Not a big push in the part game area this year – yes, there were new ones but not quite as many as last year.  Still it felt like most companies I saw had at least one new one.  Here’s a nice mix:

party games - toy fair

Top to Bottom: Spot It! FREEZE – Blue Orange, Concept– Asmodee,  i KNOW! – Tactic,  Say the Word – Peaceable Kingdom, What the Cluck – Goliath, Switcheroo! – Endless Games


2013 “SOMETHING TO WATCH:” Unbranded Mass Market Games

Shark-Mania2014 UPDATE: Yep Unbranded Mass-Market Games Still Getting Released 

This isn’t really something to watch this year as we’re expecting unbranded mass-market games from companies like Spin Master and Goliath.  This year we see  Moustache Smash and Shark Mania from Spin Master and Jumping Jack and the rerelease of Dino Meal from Goliath.  It’s just interesting to take note that some companies will only work within a brand, whereas others are doing well with stand-alone items.  To each their own…


2013 CONTINUING TREND: Branding and Licensing

2014 UPDATE: Branding/Licensing is Too Old to Be a Trend Anymore

After this year I think I’m going to stop even talking about this.  Honestly – it’s not going to go away despite what I wrote about in the previous paragraph.  We’re a brand-driven society and if we like one thing, we’re bound to want more.  But instead of babbling about it anymore I’ll just give you a roundup of some of the new brand extensions that we’re seeing this year:

Brand expansions - toy fair 14

Clockwise from upper left: Spot It Freeze! – Blue OrangeQwirkle Trio MindwareStratego Battle Cards – PatchConnect 4 & More – Winning Moves


2013 CONTINUING TREND: Quick Reaction All Play Games

2014 Update: Quick All-Play Games Are Still Rockin’ It.

You’ll notice I updated this trend to say “quick all-play” and not “quick reaction all-play games,” because I think the overall trend is bigger than just quick reaction games.  We live in a time were we are all surrounded by technology that gives us instantaneous feedback, I don’t think we’re ever going to lose quick, all play games.  Let’s just call them a new staple.  They keep everyone involved, no one has to wait to take their turn – so there’s no chance they’ll get distracted by their phone and mess up the game.  Yes, without the quick reaction aspect a player could stop and check their phone — but then they have to fear the wrath of the other players!  Some new quick  all-play games (including some shameless plugs for my games):


Clockwise from Top Left: Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Card Game – Educational InsightsChef Showdown – Educational Insights,  Fusion – Playroom Entertainment, Sushi Go! – Gamewright,  Marco’s Polos – Educational Insights