New York Toy Fair 2013: PREVIEW

New York Toy Fair 2013: PREVIEW

Forbidden desert

It used to be that new products were kept under lock and key until the big unveiling at New York Toy Fair — but not anymore!  This year I feel like there are more manufacturers who are posting what their exciting new products are on their websites.  So for those of you who are dying to know what might be on letters to Santa (from gamers big and small) holiday 2013, here are some links showing hot new items!


They made a pretty big splash when they announced Forbidden Deserta follow up to the hit cooperative game Forbidden Island.  Gamewright is also expanding their line of Rory’s Story Cubes and their small box party games with That’s It.  You can read about all their new games here:


Racoon Rumpus

Educational Insights

Educational Insights looks to be launching just about 10 new games this year, including one invented by your’s truly!  Raccoon Rumpus is my contribution to their line and I’ll be demoing and signing copies of the game at Toy Fair on Monday at 9:30 at the Educational Insights booth.  EI is great about getting inventors to show off their creations so if you’re going to be in New York for Toy Fair be sure to swing by their booth a couple times to see who’s there!  If you aren’t going to be there I promise to take pics.  To see all of their new games right now, here’s the link:–


Classic YahtzeeWinning Moves

Winning Moves shares my love for great classic games in amazing retro packaging, which I find awesome.  This year they are bring back the “professor” Yahtzee packaging (which was on my game shelf as a kid — no I’m not quite that old, we never threw out games in my family!) as well as “The Great Game” SORRY box.  Winning Moves also has 5ive Straight which they call a “regional family favorite” that’s been around since 1968 and is “similar to Pente.”  I definitely had Pente as a kid, but have never played 5ive Straight so consider my curiosity piqued (although abstract strategy isn’t really my thing.) You can see the games I’ve mentioned here:



Jenga Boom

While they haven’t posted on any new product on their website, they have announced quite a few new projects in the works.  Since they’ve partnered with Zynga I’m sure we’ll see more games based on their apps beyond the quick-to-market concepts we’ve seen thus far.  Hasbro also announced that they will be bringing some Tetris tabletop games to market including a Jenga  game with Tetris-shaped blocks.  Wish I could have found a photo of that online, alas.. no dice. (horrible pun.)  If you’d like to READ more about it you can check out the article at TechCrunch:     They also have already released another Jenga game called Jenga Boom and it’s exactly what you’d expect — blocks on top of a timer/bomb.


Obviously that is a far cry from all of the game companies out there… but it’s still enough to get excited about what’s going to be on display during Toy Fair.  I’ll be posting on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram when I can during the show.  If you’d like to follow along here are the links:





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