Timeline: Time to get an edition or two of this game

Timeline: Time to get an edition or two of this game

Timeline Inventions 1It’s about time that I got the game Timeline and I managed to snag a copy of the Inventions edition at almost half price right before Christmas.  Needless to say, the Inventions edition was definitely the version I wanted to own first as I rather like inventors and inventor history – go figure.

Timeline Historical EventsI really enjoy this game because it’s simple, fun and sadly similar to something I worked on a handful of years back.  The gameplay is easy; you shuffle the deck of cute little Ticket to Ride-sized cards and deal 4-6 out to each player depending on the number of players in the game.  Keeping their cards date-side down, players spread their cards out in front of them.  The top card is drawn off the deck and flipped so it’s date-side up and placed in the center of the table. The first player will take one of their cards and then guess if it happened before or after the date of the card in the center of the table.  If they guess correctly, it gets placed as part of the “timeline.”  If they are wrong, the card is discarded and they draw a new one and place it in front of them.

Timeline Game Cards

The timeline gets longer and longer as the game progresses and players are guessing where within the timeline their card fits.  It can be at the beginning or the end, but most likely it will be between two cards.

Timeline Movies and CinemaThe game ends when a player gets rid of all of their cards.  There’s a strange rule about if multiple players go out in the same “round” and then all players with cards are eliminated and the players without cards continue to play.  It’s in the instructions so I won’t bore you with it, but I will say I’ve never had to refer to it – but maybe I’m just lucky.

Overall, it’s a clever and fun game and I’m looking forward to playing with one of the other versions mixed in.  Right now there are: Inventions, Discoveries, Historical Events, DiversityMusic & Cinema, American History, Americana.  The only negative I can say is that the dates are SMALL.  I was going to bring it to play with family over the holidays but with such a large group I knew it would be a challenge for everyone to see, which is a bummer.  Still, fun for 2 players as well as larger groups so it’s a nice, versatile game to have in your collection.

Timeline Stats:

~$10-15 at  Amazon and your local game store
2-8 players
~10-15 minutes
Ages 8 and up