TED Talk: A new way to think about creativity

Someone posted this on Facebook days if not weeks ago and I finally just got around to watching and I loved it.  I think the discussion on fear of failure and lack of success nicely mirrors the world of game inventing: what if no one picks up the games I’m inventing?  what if the first game I ever licensed is my biggest success?  Here’s what Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love had to say about creativity:

Can I say how much I’d LOVE a house elf?

Seriously though, inventors are judged by what they create just as authors and artists are.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a “daemon,” “genius” or “divine entity” to protect me from the criticism of my bad/lame ideas.  I can just blame it on them and say “IT MADE me do it!”  Oddly enough, at times I really do feel that way.  Ideas (good ones and bad ones) come to me and I just can’t get them out of my head until I’ve made them; so essentially I have a little “genius/daemon thing” nagging me.  And that that may make you question my mental health, but I assure you, I’m harmless….and so is my “daemon.”


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  1. Mary Jo Reutter

    Great stuff. Very timely, as I was just bemoaning the lack of a daemon showing up to help with the prototype I’m currently working on. Where did that little entity go? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. sandie fletcher

    read both her WOW book and the next one and although the WOW was truly life changing for me..the next one was reassuring and kinda illustrated exactly what she says about surviving the MAGIC. Thanks for posting this, I want to carry it around in my brain..for the days of dustbunny wrangling and motorway drivng:)..when the muse is playing keep-away and the children have stolen my pens again..

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