Tapple: Love that satisfying centerpiece!

Tapple: Love that satisfying centerpiece!

I love word games – Jeez I’ve even invented one!  (shameless plug: see Scattergories Cateogories)  And because word games are almost a dime a dozen it takes something special for them to stand out in the crowd.  This week’s article is about the new game Tapple from USAopoly, and its centerpiece is definitely something that catches the eye!

Tapple AllThe game is so simple that you feel that you’ve played it before but the centerpiece is so satisfying that you’ll want to play it again.  To start, you select a category card and players have to give answers in that category that start with a letter that hasn’t already been used.  Instead of having some person checking off the letters that have been used on a sheet of paper, they have this Frisbee-like centerpiece that you can place in the center of the table or pass around a larger crowd.  When you give an answer, press down on that letter so other players know it’s been used.  When all of the letters have been used or the round is over, press on one of the yellow sliders and POP!—all of the depressed letters release and you’re ready to go again.  It’s REALLY satisfying, and one of my play testers went all kid-on-elevator pressing all the buttons down and releasing it a few times just for the sheer fun of it.

Now that you know how it works and how to play with the centerpiece, how about some scoring?  Each round starts with a category and when the timer runs out whoever is holding the centerpiece and thinking about their word is out.  Play continues until there’s one player left.  If at any time you use up all of the letters, pop them back into place and keep going.   Winner of the round collects a card, and first to 4 cards wins the game.

Interesting fact: Tapple is based on a ~100 year old word game called Pim Pam Pet, and I think they were very wise in changing the name to Tapple!

Tapple Stats:

~$20 at Barnes & Noble, ToysRUs (sometime in Sept), Amazon and local game stores
2-8 players (can be played with 2 players… but SO MUCH BETTER with bigger groups and we exceeded 8)
~15 minutes
Ages 8 and up


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  1. Mary Kay

    So funny Kim, because we had this game on my kitchen table, so it sort of took over as the centerpiece. We had a blast playing it at the most random times of the day!

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