Split Decision: Actually, it was unanimously voted FUN!

Split DecisionIf you follow The Game Aisle on Facebook then you already know that I won the Wonder Woman in Toys award for Social Media given by Women in Toys during Toy Fair last month— and you’re probably sick of hearing about it!  But give me 2 more seconds on the topic.

Obviously I never set out hoping to win an award – I spend time on facebook and twitter simply because I like sharing stories about the industry and meeting new people.  I work at home, with a dog that snores and have found that facebook and twitter provide a “water cooler” to chat with other industry folks around.  It also helps me keep up on what’s new and fun so I can pass it along to you, my wonderful readers!  I bring this up because the game I’m reviewing in this article came to me via Twitter.  I tweeted using #ChiTag back during the show and the @Mental_Floss people asked if I was still at the show and wanted to give me a copy of their new game, Split Decision.   And now because of that one tweet – I’m going to tell you about a very fun adult social game…

split decision_cards

Split Decision is dubbed “The Hilarious Game of Improbable Pairings” which is pretty much on the mark.  Players get to mark off one letter in the phrase “I MADE THE ULTIMATE SPLIT DECISION” for each correct answer and players take turns reading the A or B trivia to the rest of the players each round.  The catch is the trivia is totally absurd.  At random, I’ve chosen a couple cards from the deck.  The first one is “Who said it Valdimir Lenin (A) or John Lennon (B)?” the other is “New Jersey Town (A) or Moon of Jupiter (B)?” There are three questions on each card with answers that will be either A or B and as you read them everyone has an A card and a B card which they place face-down in front of them to answer.

Want to try one?  The question is “Broadway Musical (A) or Aftershave Scent (B)?”

1. Wild Country

2. Beyond Paradise

3. Ambassador

The answers are at the bottom of this already-too-long article.

The game is really funny – and ALL PLAY so you don’t have to sit through turns and turns of people mulling over their answers.  There are also challenge cards that don’t have an A or B choice, but you have to omit them when there are only 2 players.  Most of the cards have fun tidbits explaining some of the trivia answers.  Like did you know that Wild Country is by Avon and “the company claims the bergamot and coriander scent should help ‘Unleash his wild side.’” Wow.

The only negative for this game is that you blow through the trivia at mach 10 speeds, but then again since you’re answering so many bizarre questions, how many are you really going to remember?

Answers: 1. B, 2. B, 3. A

Split Decision Stats:

  • $25 at MentalFloss.com, Borders, Books-A-Million, Marbles (The Brain Store) and mom & pop shops
  • 2-8 players (must omit challenge cards with 2 players so 3-8 is better)
  • ~15-20 min.
  • Ages 12 and up


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