Sleeping Queens: Did you vote for this TAGIE Young Inventor Nominee?

Sleeping Queens: Did you vote for this TAGIE Young Inventor Nominee?

Have you voted for the TAGIE awards yet?  If you haven’t you should soon.  There are a lot of great game inventors up for Game Inventor of the Year award as well as the Rising Star award.  But instead of trying to sway your vote, I’m going to let you vote for the adults on your own.  No, instead I’m going to tell you about a young lady, named Miranda Evarts, who is up for the Young Inventor of the Year award for her game Sleeping Queens.  Now I’m not saying the other nominees aren’t amazing kids, but they didn’t invent games so that’s why I’m a bit biased in recommending Miranda Evarts.

Sleeping Queens is manufactured by Gamewright and was invented by Miranda when she was just six and as the story goes, one winter night she couldn’t sleep because she “had a game playing in her head called Sleeping Queens.”  When she awoke the next morning she, with the help of her sister Madeline and parents, created the game.

From the title you can tell that the game is about queens that are asleep and as you’ve probably guessed it’s your job to wake them up.  The winner is the first player to wake a set number of queens OR have a certain number of points (each queen is worth points).  Each player is dealt and must keep 5 cards in their hands at all times.  On your turn you play first, then draw.  You get to wake up a queen if you play a king.  To put someone else’s queen back to sleep you play a potion – which can be defended by wand.  You can steal a king by playing a knight, who will get rejected if the defending player has a dragon card.  The Jesters flip the next card in the draw deck and it’s either collected or if it’s a number card players count in a circle to see who gets to draw a queen.  And then lastly, there are the number cards which can’t get you a queen but get discarded either one at a time, or in matching pairs or in simple addition triples.  So for example I could discard a 2, 3, and a 5 because 2+3=5.  And then there are the queens… both the queens and the kings are super cute.  There’s the Pancake Queen, Peacock Queen, Cake Queen, and then there’s the Cat Queen that can’t be held by the same person who has the Dog Queen for obvious reasons.  The kings are a little dorky: the Chess King, Puzzle King, Cookie King and the Tie-Dye King who looks a little like Santa on vacation.  Let’s just say from the artwork’s standpoint it’s obvious how you can lure a queen away with a knight. Ha!

It’s definitely a cute game, but I wouldn’t recommend playing it with 2 players as the experience just isn’t the same.  With that said, the game’s had some staying power as it’s been in Gamewright’s line since 2005 and Miranda is now 16!

So now that you’re done reading about this charming game go vote for your favorite inventors!  Vote HERE! (btw: voting ends 10/31 so really, do it now.)


Sleeping Queens Stats:

~$10 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fat Brain Toys,, mom & pop retailers
2-5 players
10-15 minutes
Ages 8 and up