Being Ahead of the Curve: Saving Chocolate Bunnies and Giving Games

If you haven’t seen it already, Mattel launched their “Save the Chocolate Bunny” campaign earlier this month.  Proclaiming the chocolate bunny to be endangered, they urge parents to fill Easter baskets with something other than chocolate bunnies – TOYS!  You can see one of the videos above.

Last year about this time I wrote, “The Easter Bunny’s Bringing Games!”  so in a way it’s nice to be ahead of the trend.  Really, who wouldn’t want zero-calorie fun things that you can play over and over in their Easter basket?  Okay, I’m sure there are some chocoholics out there who are ready to grab their pitchforks, but it doesn’t have to be an all-game basket, just toss one in instead of a bag of jellybeans or one of those nasty white-chocolate bunnies.

Last year I covered games under $10 that fit nicely into a basket, this year I’m throwing the “under $10” rule out the window but keeping the “basket-sized” requirement.  And here are some suggestions I have for all of the stumped Easter Bunny assistants out there.

 Spot It MLB

Spot It!, Blue Orange Games

The object of Spot It! is to find the 2 objects that match on 2 of the circular cards.  You can select any 2 cards from the deck and they will have a match (although the objects might not be the same size).  There are multiple ways to play and the Spot It! line is filled with all sorts of different themes like: MLB, Disney Pixar, Camping, Sports, Disney Princesses, and so on.  All Spot It! games are packaged in cute little round tins too!

Spot It! Stats:

$13 Amazon, some big box retailers and Mom & Pop Stores
2-8 players
10-20 minutes
Ages 7 and up

Spot It! Jr. Stats:

$10 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Toys ‘R Us and Mom & Pop Stores
2-6 players
10-20 minutes
Ages 4 and up


Killer Bunnies Blue Box

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, Playroom Entertainment

Before you get super excited about the fact that this game seems to come in as many colors as Easter eggs – you need to buy the BLUE starter deck before you can get the Perfectly Pink, the Chocolate or the Violet booster boxes.  The goal of the game is to keep as many bunnies alive as possible while destroying your opponent’s bunnies (through a variety of tragedies and weapons.)  There are also “Special” and “Very Special” cards that make every game different.  Throughout the game players are collecting magic carrots and when all of them are collected the game is over and one magic carrot is selected.  So really the more carrots you have the better your odds of winning are.

This is not a short game at all but since we’re talking Easter I thought I might make an exception.  It’s an amusing way to spend part of your easter afternoon after you’ve found the eggs and need something to do while you’re noshing on your chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot Stats:

$25-35 Amazon and Mom & Pop Stores
2-8 players (but playing with 2 isn’t all that satisfying)
60+ minutes
Ages 12 and up


Rubiks Void

Rubik’s the VOID, Winning Moves

Rubiks MagicOkay… it’s puzzle not exactly a game but it’s so cool!  This cube moves so smoothly considering it is missing the middle.  Is it easier to solve than the original Rubik’s?  Yeah, I’m not the one to answer that since the only Rubik’s I solved without removing and “creatively adjusting” the stickers were the flat Rubik’s Magic from the mid-1990s – and oddly I found that one is still for sale. Huh.  I’d recommend that one too but it looks like it can only be found at for $10.  Big difference between the two, Rubik’s Void is smooth and satisfying whereas the Rubik’s Magic was always one wrong fold away from having its “fishing lines” snap.  (Yep… had mine fixed multiple times and I think I still have the pieces somewhere.)


Rubik’s the VOID Stats:

$10 Amazon and Mom & Pop Stores
1 player
how long do you want to play?
Ages 8 and up


Trucky 3 Box


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