Shizzle: Enjoyable even when you don’t use the dice mechanism

Shizzle game

Knowing that I have a penchant for dice games, Patch was nice enough to send me a copy of their new game Shizzle.  It’s an interesting little game as it has a mechanism that tosses the dice for you but it’s really the six uniquely colored dice that makes the game interesting.

In the past month I’ve seen that Shizzle has made its way through some of the other online game review websites (thank you Twitter) and for the most part I think we’re all on the same page; Shizzle is a fun game even if the mechanism is slightly unnecessary.  It’s a push your luck game that can be played with two to six players and while a six player game might be a little long between turns, I think the game holds up well with both a bigger or smaller group.

The dice in this game are all different.  They look like standard six-sided dice but the pips (aka “dots”) on each side are a different color.  And not only are they a different color on each side of one die, the numbers are different colors on every die.  So on one die the 4 might be green and the 3 might be blue and on another die the 3 might be red and the 4 orange.

shizzle dice

To start of the game you’ll put a certain number of chips into the “bank;” the number of players determines this number.  The first player will roll a die and it becomes the “spark” die.  In the future the “spark” die is the last die in the row created by the player before you.  The spark die is set off to the side and all the rest are placed in the cup.  Twisting the cup releases all the dice, which is cool for a couple turns but then got pushed off to the side.  Once the dice are rolled it’s time to make your row.  You’re looking to match either the color OR the number on the spark die and then the next die needs to match the one you just placed and so on.  The goal is to get as many dice as you can in a row as you get 1 chip for each die.  So if you get 4 dice in a row, you can collect 4 chips from the bank or you can try to increase the number you’ll collect by rerolling any unused dice.  If you cannot match any of the newly rolled dice you’ve busted and your turn is over.  If you are able to match all 6 you can try for more points using the last die in your row as your new spark die, collect 6 chips or make someone return 6 chips.  Having someone else return chips can be extremely useful because the game ends when the bank is empty and there may not be enough tokens in there to allow you to win!

shizzle cupThere were two parts of this game that I enjoyed.  First, that there were a limited number of chips in the bank which sometimes forced you to go for 6-in-a-row so you could request a player return chips.  The other aspect I enjoyed was that it took a second to figure out how to order your dice.  It wasn’t mindless but at the same time it didn’t take very long.  I’d say it’s worth the $11.99 even even if you skip using dice mechanism (although it does house everything neatly!

NOTE: Because the pips are so small and some of the colors are very similar I wouldn’t recommend playing this without good light or with people who have trouble seeing colors.


Shizzle Stats:

$12 Amazon,, and lots of mom & pop stores
2-6 players
10-20 minutes
Ages 8 and up


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