August: It’s “Play-in-Public” Month!

Outdoor PlayThis August, Seize Your Turn has started a Play-in-Public Campaign, which urges adults to turn off the TV, get off the couch, grab a game and play out in the real world!  Sure, some people will look at us a little funny, but when was the last time they played a game that wasn’t marketed towards kids?  Maybe you want to ask them to join in a show them how much fun it is to play games as an adult!

To help kick-off this month of PiP I asked Kevin Schlabach at Seize Your Turn why he decided to start this campaign.  His answer:

“I gamed as a child within my family a lot.  But it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I was re-introduced into the gaming community and what it has to offer.  A lot changed in that 20 years!  I immediately wanted to show everyone how cool and fun games were, but it was hard to raise interest or find gamers.  Nobody knew what I was talking about.  There’s a mainstream stereotype about board gaming that isn’t completely aligned with the actual hobby; many people think that any type of gaming is child’s play.  My first approach to this was by starting a local game group that met in pubs.  This location alone set a different perception for new gamers (Our motto is “Drink, Play, Score!”).  This play-in-public campaign is another step in trying to help the community expand by exposing the world at large to adult board gaming.  I look forward to the day where games are not considered child’s play and I can go anywhere and find someone to sit down and play a game with.  Gaming not only stimulates the mind, but it creates relationships and can cross all gender, race, and cultural boundaries.”

I agree – and “Drink, Play, Score” sounds like it’s right up my alley!  I love playing games in bars or in the park.  When was the last time YOU played out in public? Been a while?   Why not do it again this month?

  • To find out more about the Play-in-Public Campaign or to visit the Seize Your Turn site, click HERE.
  • You can post your PiP photos and find out about GIVEAWAYS on the Play in Public’s Facebook Page HERE.
  • When posting on social media, tag with #PiPCampaign