Piece O’ Cake: Cut me a slice!

I was working with a client recently and they showed me the video above and they wanted to know more about “the pie game.”  I’ve seen the video before (a bunch of times) and I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know WHAT “the pie game” was.  So I found out.  It’s actually a cake game, called Piece ‘O Cake even though I agree the slices look more like pie — but you can see the clip for yourselves.

We’ve already established that Piece ‘O Cake is about cake slices and the whole game is about the golden rule of cake cutting – whoever slices chooses last.  The game is played in 5 rounds with 5 cakes comprised of 11 wedges that are a variety of flavors.  Each flavor has a different value if eaten which is shown by the number of whipped cream dollops. The number on each cake wedge is how many wedges of that kind there are in the game.  But I’m going to get to scoring in a minute…

Whoever’s turn it is to cut the cake divides it into however many slices they’d like up to the number of players.  (So if there are 4 players you can “cut” it into 2-4 slices).  If you slice it into 3 portions, since you’re choosing last you won’t get one – which is something to think about.  The fun comes in when you realize that the slices don’t have to be equal AT ALL.  Not only can they can have a different number of cake wedges – but they will have different values to different players.  One way to score in Piece O Cake is to collect the MOST of any one flavor.  At the end of the game you will receive the number of points listed on that type of cake wedge.  So if you have the most kiwi cake wedges, you’ll score 8 points at the end of the game.  The other way to score is to EAT the cake.  On your turn when you collect your slice, you can choose to eat any number of wedges of cake instead of saving them.  You will score 1 point for each whipped cream dollop (1-3) for those slices BUT they will not count towards your total for that particular kind of cake.   Now, if you don’t eat your cake right away but you decide you want to later, you can forfeit taking a slice of cake and instead you can eat every wedge of a particular kind and this will guarantee you points.

Overall, the game can be quick and fun.  It takes a bit of thought and foresight to cut the cake as you can’t rearrange the wedges to better suit your cutting desires.  Just don’t play this game with people who over think – or use a timer to keep the cutting thinking to a minute.  It definitely was a deeper game than I anticipated and I enjoy playing it even though I have yet to win.  Seriously – what’s a girl got to do to win Piece ‘O Cake?!


 Piece ‘O Cake stats:
~$23 Amazon, FunAgain Games, some mom & pop stores
2-5 players
~20 minutes
Ages 8 and up