National Toy Hall of Fame: 2011 Inductees Announced!

If you recall, last year was a big year for games in regards to the National Toy Hall of Fame.  Why? Because TWO “games” were selected out of the 12 nominees: The Game of Life and generic playing cards.  This brought the total to 10 games (if you count marbles and jacks as “games”) out of 46 total Hall of Fame items.  You can read more about that in last year’s article: HERE.

This year there out of the 12 finalists: Dollhouse, Dungeons & Dragons, Hot Wheels, Jenga, Pogo Stick, Puppets, R/C vehicles, Rubik’s Cube, Simon, Star Wars action figures, Transformers, and Twister, 2 were selected and one was ADDED?!  And the winners are….

Dollhouse, Hot Wheels and Blanket!  Yep, not a good year for games but definitely items I spent a chunk of my childhood playing with (yes, I was a girl who loved my Hot Wheels).  Still, I have to wonder how BLANKET ended up in the final list if it wasn’t a nominee (and I double checked this).  But I also am perplexed how so many non-toy/game items end up in the Hall of Fame.  Kids are naturally creative so really anything in their world can be a toy — and that’s great! — but I don’t know if I think they diserve a spot in the hall of fame.  I’d much rather see generic classics like Chess and Puppets make it into the Hall of Fame than things like box, stick and blanket.  Why?  Because chess and puppets were created as an amusement and they were successful whereas box, stick and blanket were created for different things and were “just happened upon” playthings.  To me, there’s a huge difference there and I wish the Hall of Fame would distinguish between those two types of playthings — of course, I’m an inventor so of course I put more stock in the intentional plaything versus the “happened upon” plaything.


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