King of Tokyo: Yes it is just as fun as it looks!

King of Tokyo: Yes it is just as fun as it looks!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen the tweets from certain twitter folks who might be a bit disgruntled that Santa left a very hard to find copy of King of Tokyo under the tree for me.  As I pointed out to them – and now to you too – if you look to eBay it’s not super hard to find.

The theme of King of Tokyo is really compelling; each player is an enormous monster causing destruction and mayhem while vying to control Tokyo.  Who won’t like a crazy campy monster brawl board game?!  Overall it’s a press-your-luck game where you battle other giant monsters to get into Tokyo and stay there.   Tokyo is on the game board as is Tokyo Bay (but that’s only used for games with 5-6 players).  Each player selects a giant monster mover and takes the matching card that is used to count Victory points and monitor your Life points.  The goal is to reach 20 Victory points before anyone else does – and before you end up with zero Life points.

There are six dice that each have a 1, 2 and 3 which are Victory Points plus three symbols: Energy (thunderbolt), Attack (paw) and Heal (hearts).  On each turn players roll the dice 3 times and keep and re-roll what they want.  At the end of the third roll they “resolve” the dice meaning they have to score any victory points, collect any energy cubes, collect life points and/or attack.  Monsters who aren’t in Tokyo attack the monster only in Tokyo but the monster in Tokyo creates mayhem my attacking EVERYONE!  Energy cubes are used to buy cards, which help you in your journey to conquer Tokyo and your monster adversaries.  It sounds a little complicated, but really isn’t.

The game gets interesting when you have to decide to stay or leave Tokyo because being there can be brutal with attacks coming from every direction, but then it’s pretty fun to be doling out destruction too!  When you decide to abandon ship and leave Tokyo because you’re too wounded to stay, it forces whoever attacked you to enter Tokyo.  The bonus of being in Tokyo is that you receive 2 Victory points every time you start a turn there, so it’s definitely helpful when you’re aiming for 20, the minus is you cannot heal yourself when you’re there even if you roll a heart.

Overall King of Tokyo is a fun game with amazing artwork that will satisfy the gamers and casual gamers in your life.  The one thing I should warn about is that the box says 2-6 players but playing with 2 isn’t anywhere near as interesting – actually I’d call it “clunky” as it just doesn’t play as it should.

King of New York**There’s also the King of Tokyo Power Up Expansion for ~$15, a King of Tokyo Halloween Expansion for ~$15, and a new game called King of New York for ~$30


King of Tokyo Stats:
~$25-30 and local game stores
3-6 players (don’t bother playing with 2)
~20-30 minutes
Ages 8 and Up

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  1. Stephan

    The King is back! King of Tokyo is now widely available in stores and the Power Up ! expansion is coming out soon.

    Stephan @ Iello.

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