Flashback to 2009: A Little Gift to You From The Game Aisle!

Flashback to 2009: A Little Gift to You From The Game Aisle!

I’ve decided that my holiday gift to you – the readers of The Game Aisle – should not be another “Top Games” list but instead a list of games to help you make it through the holidays! Here we go…

family holidayProblem: FAMILY

You would trade all of your holiday gifts to just make the horrible small talk and/or awkward silences at family parties go away.  (This includes attempting to converse with relatives you never see AND/OR the relatives who are constant complainers – you know, the ones who include the depressing/whiny letters recapping all of the injustices and annoyances of the past year in their in their holiday cards.)

* Solution: Click Here for Review or just buy it. This game requires NO small talk – heck, it includes little player interaction!


Your house has been taken over by a group of rowdy adults who have partaken in FAR too much holiday cheer.

* Solution: Click Here for Review or just buy itThis game will keep everyone entertained at the same time so you won’t have to worry about your holiday decorations ending up in lewd positions!


Over the river and through the snow….and more snow…and terrible traffic…

*Solution: Click Here for Review or just buy it.Whether you’re visiting relatives, going to find the perfect Christmas tree or stuck in the horrible mall parking lot with ten thousand other holiday shoppers, this game require no hands just someone to read and maybe keep score!

Problem: ATTENTION SEEKING KIDS (especially ones that aren’t yours)

The kids want you to play a game.  As terrible as this sounds, everyone has been in the situation where they get suckered into a horribly long, mind-numbing children’s game when they would much rather be hanging around the holiday punch with the adults.  Don’t disappoint the kids and become the “mean” uncle/aunt/cousin/family friend/etc.

*Solutions: If the kids are 3-4: Click Here for Review or just buy it. Short, sweet, cute…not mind-numbing.  If the kids are 5 and up: Click here for review or just buy it.  Actually pretty fun for adults to play with kids – and bonus, no need to stack the deck to make the game quick!

burned turkey


Your should-have-been-fantastic holiday bird has started on fire and unless you feel like you can pass it off as “blackened chicken” you need to buy some time while you track down a place that will deliver some edible food.

*Solution: For a couple: Click Here for Review  or just buy it. They’re not very holiday-esque BUT if you’re good with a glue gun you could make them exude holiday cheer in no time!  Keep it on the table for the whole season to entertain random guests!  For a large group Click Here for review or just buy it. This will totally do the trick — and go ahead and tell them you know the inventor (me!)!


You’ve invited your friends over for a pot luck dinner but everyone brought desserts and you need something to distract yourself from the giant chocolate mousse Yule log cake that keeps calling your name.

*Solution: Click here for review or just buy it. It can be played by up to 7 players and you can always play in teams!


It’s a quiet night at home with your significant other and you just want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.  (Not really a “problem”…but in case your mind is so numb from the holidays I thought I’d toss this category in to help you out!)
*Solution: Click here for review or just buy it. It’s quiet, relaxing and you can enjoy some wine and nice conversation during the game.

Happy Holidays to you all!  Check back in 2010 to hear all about the fun games Santa delivered!

– The Game Aisle