Holiday Themed Games

Holiday Themed Games

I can’t believe I’m writing an article about holiday themed games, but I am.  Here’s why: I was shopping yesterday and I saw all sorts of people buying ugly holiday pins and overly sparkly Christmas sweaters.  So if people insist on buying Christmas-themed products, I want to show them what the game industry has to offer!  And unlike holiday sweaters these could be used year round without tons of strange looks.  So here I’ve picked some of my favorites:


holiday yahtzeeHoliday Yahtzee, A Christmas Story Yahtzee, Charlie Brown Christmas Yahtzee
Personally I think that Yahtzee is a game shelf staple (read review here), so if you need to give someone a holiday themed version to get them interested in trying Yahtzee, so be it!  Because these games use images that represent numbers the play is a bit different and kind of clunky for scoring, but I like Yahtzee enough to let it slide.  FYI I think the A Christmas Story version is much easier on the eyes than the Holiday version.

All can be found on for $11 and up, Ages 8 and Up, 2 or More Players



I-Spy-Holiday-WishesI Spy Holiday Wishes Card Game
It’s a continuation of Briarpatch’s extremely prolific I Spy line and plays a bit like “I spy” meets memory with holiday themed cards.  You need to remember all of the gifts on the wish list, spy them and collect to win!  For about $6 it’s a great stocking stuffer for the younger crowd.

Can be found at Amazon for ~$6, Ages 4 and up, 2-4 Players


ReFraze Holiday Pack
If you read the review on ReFraze (click here) you’ll know that this game was developed as a trivia-esque word game for a holiday party.  Well now you can see what sparked the development of the ReFraze line!  It’s definitely a smaller deck but there are only so many holiday questions you can ask.

Can be found at Amazon ~$8, Ages 12 and up, 2 or More Players

Halli-GalliHalli Galli Christmas Edition
This is a simple to learn card game with an awesome big bell in the middle ala Pit (one of my all-time faves!).  Players keep a stack of cards with holiday themed images in front of them and they take turns flipping cards over.  When you see a total of EXACTLY five similar items on the table you ring the bell and collect the cards.  The player with the most cards wins and there are penalties for ringing in at the wrong time.  Good game for tweens and kids because they have wickedly fast reflexes.  This one may be a bit hard to find, but  you could always just buy the non-holiday version and wrap it in some pretty holiday paper.  They’ll still enjoy it – I swear.

2015 UPDATE: No longer in print, look on eBay. Ages 6 and up, 2-6 Players


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