bananagram memeDo you remember the first time you saw “the game in the fabric banana?”  Can you believe that was 10 years ago?  Yep —BANANAGRAMS is turning 10!  They launched at London Toy Fair in 2006 and have sold over 7 million copies since.  That’s a lot of fabric bananas!

To celebrate I thought I’d include 10 fun facts about Bananas and BANANAGRAMS and I got as far as #6 below and thought nothing could really beat that, so I sort of scrapped that idea.

  1. Actress Judi Dench is a huge BANANAGRAMS fan.
  2. The average American eats 27 lbs of bananas in a year.
  3. BANANAGRAMS is available in over 30 countries.
  4. A single banana is called a “finger” whereas a bunch is called a “hand.” (creepy.)
  5. Abe Nathanson started the BANANAGRAMS company at age 76!
  6. The fastest time for running a marathon dressed as a banana is 2:47:41.  (Side note: this time beat out the previous time by 11 minutes so I guess this is a “thing” — who knew?  I feel a sponsorship opportunity here…)

bananagrams partyInstead I’ll tell you how the BANANAGRAMS folks are celebrating: By launching a party version of BANANAGRAMS!  BANANAGRAMS Party is classic play but there are 14 special tiles that add in a little chaos.  They’ll make you swap places, force someone to only use one hand, take a lap around the table, steal a tile from another player… you get the idea.  It’s an obvious progression to the game and it’s fun with the right group of players.  Personally, I’m more of a BANANAGRAMS purist, but can see how some families would find this to be a blast!  

~$17 at Target ONLY
2-8 players
~15 minutes
Ages 10+

If you didn’t know you can also buy a JUMBO version of BANANAGRAMS which is great for playing outdoors in the summer.