Get Bit!: I just can’t resist a game with a toy shark or a nod to Monty Python

Since I review games that will appeal to players who aren’t serious gamers but are more casual or infrequent gamers, a chunk of my play testers are people who don’t play games unless I’m at their house or they’re at mine.  Basically, unless I provide the game, they’re not playing.  This provides an interesting challenge, as they’re not DYING to try the latest titles and sometimes need a push to try something new.  In the past I’ve talked about how important good box art is, but if you haven’t ready that article/mini-tirade you can read it HERE.  One of the points I made is that it’s a lot easier for me to convince people to play a game if the box looks cool – ugly games give off bad mojo.  Today’s game, Get Bit! by Dave Chalker, was the absolute easiest game ever to convince my testers to play.  Why?  Apparently, the key is to have a window showing a plastic shark eating a plastic robot.  (Really, who doesn’t like a game with a plastic shark that eats things?!)  As I understand it, the shark and the window were added to the second printing of the game and I stand up and applaud whoever made that decision.

Get Bit! has 6 amazingly articulated robots with removable arms and legs and 1 shark (with jaw-moving action) and the object of the game is to be the last robot standing.  Each round one unlucky player will lose an appendage and when they’ve lost all of their arms and legs they’re out.  It’s a lot like Monty Python’s Black Night – the first three appendages lost are merely “flesh wounds” is the fourth one is… well, you can see for yourself (above.. sorry for the crappy quality.)

Every player gets 7 cards numbered 1-7 and the robots are lined up in a circle with the shark randomly placed between 2 robots (and no one loses a limb the first round so it doesn’t matter where he’s placed).  Each round players place 1 of the cards in their hand face-down in front of them and then everyone turns them over at the same time.  Now it’s time to move the robots.  The player who played the lowest card gets to move their robot to the front of the line (right behind the shark’s tail), the second lowest card then goes to the front of the line and so on.  Any players who played the SAME card as someone else doesn’t get to move their robot, which definitely adds some strategy.  After the first round of play the shark gets to take a bite out of the person directly in front of him before the next round of play starts.  The cards that are played stay on the table until a player loses a limb or runs out of cards and then they can pick their stack up.  The cycle of: play cards, move robots and feed the shark continues until there are only 2 robots left, then the shark gets to eat the robot in front of him, no matter how many limbs are left.

Get Bit! is stupidly easy to learn — one or two players even said it was just plain “stupid” but then asked to play it again.  Besides the jokes and trash-talking every time someone lost a limb, the pieces themselves were a hit.  The robots are extremely posable and more than just their arms and legs come apart so it’s really easy to play a longer game where someone loses a hand or foot before they lose the whole leg.

I should also mention that Get Bit! just won the Origins Award for Best Family/Party Game — congrats to Dave and Mayday Games!

UPDATE: Also see review for Get Bit! Deluxe 

Get Bit! Stats:
~$17 Amazon
2-6 players (there are directions on how to play with 2 but I didn’t try them out — games with 5 & 6 played really well)
10 minutes
Ages 8 and up

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