Get Bit! Deluxe: That’s one bad-ass tin!

Get Bit! Deluxe: That’s one bad-ass tin!

Get Bit Deluxe Tin

I am breaking all sorts of rules this spring!  Last month I reviewed my first 18+ game and now I’m revisiting a game I’ve already reviewed.  Well, when the exceptions to the rules falls into my lap I just can’t seem to pass them up!

get bit - boxI reviewed Get Bit by Mayday Games last summer – you can read the article HERE – and since I’ve reviewed it before I’m not going to rehash how to play but instead focus on the bad-ass changes in Get Bit Deluxe.  (If you haven’t played, read the initial review.  It includes a Monty Python bit that makes me laugh every time.)

Previously, Get Bit had a pretty cool looking box (at right), complete with a window showing a plastic robot getting bit by a plastic shark.  When I showed this game to my testers they were excited to play it simply based on that!  And while there’s a small part of me that is sad to see the window box go, I LOVE the new Get Bit Deluxe tin.  It’s nice and small with beautiful relief artwork.  When I showed it to a couple of my testers (who didn’t play the previous version) they thought it looked like an exciting game!  Now when I showed them the previous box they said, “it comes with a shark? That’s awesome!” So was something lost in the switch from window box to tin? Maybe, but I think the new tin is good looking and exciting enough that it doesn’t need to show off what’s inside.

get bit deluxe decalsOnce you open the tin the other big change becomes evident.  There are decals.  Yes, instead of having plain robots you now can make wenches, skeletons, pirates, etc. out of your articulated characters!  And you get multiple decal choices for each color.  It has zero impact on the game play but it sure is funny!  The cards are also all jazzed up with new artwork although I might lean towards liking the old artwork a bit better only because I enjoyed the simplicity.  There is, of course, still a plastic shark with a mouth that opens and closes which I LOVE.

get bit deluxe piratesThe one minor change to the rules is great too.  The old game had the pieces lined up in a circle that, at times, confused my testers.  Get Bit Deluxe changes that to putting the pieces in a line which makes life a bit easier.  Also the back of the new instructions has walk-the-plan graphics if you so desire.

get bit deluxe cards(2015 Update) So how much will all this fun new stuff set you back?  $5  Yes, that’s right you can purchase the original Get Bit for ~$17 but for $5 more you can get the awesome Deluxe version tin.  So the question is: do you really want to play with face-less robots?  Pirates are so much cooler.


Get Bit! Deluxe Stats:
$22 Amazon ($17 for Get Bit!)
2-6 players (games with 5 & 6 played really well)
10 minutes
Ages 8 and up