Gen Con 2013: I missed it but here’s what other reviewers had to say…

Gen Con 2013: I missed it but here’s what other reviewers had to say…

I missed GenCon AGAIN this year but thought I’d share a few links to other reviewer’s recap articles.  I follow all of these fine folks on Twitter and have included their twitter handles if you’d like to follow them too.  Most of them are reviewing games that are a bit more hardcore than the stuff I review but if you wanted to know what was cool at the show these articles will tell ya!  Enjoy!

Hyperbole Games (Grant Rodiek) “Gen Con 2013 Best of”  Twitter: @HerrohGrant

Father Geek (Cyrus Kirby) “Obligatory Gen Con 2013 Summary”   Twitter: @TheFatherGeek

I Slay the Dragon (Lenny) What I played at Gen Con: Farmer Lenny Edition  Twitter: @FarmerLenny

Photo Montage from Brew & Barley   Twitter: @EdPMarriott

Copax Plays Games (Chris Copac) Thoughts on Gen Con 2013 Part Deux  Twitter: @Copax

Dice Hate Me (Chris Kirkman) The State of Games, Episode 50 – the one about Gen Con 2013  Twitter: @DiceHateMe

Chevee Dodd Gen Con 2013 — That Happened!? Twitter: @CheveeDodd

I Slay the Dragon (Jonathan Wolf) Tales of Legend and Woe at Gen Con 2013 Twitter: @FutureWolfie

Board to Death TV Gen Con Videos (more to be added soon) Twitter: @BoardtodeathTV

Third Eye Games (Eloy Lasanta)  3EG Gen Con 2013 Recap Twitter: @ThirdEyeGames

Geek Dad (Jonathan H. Liu) Fun Facts About Gen Con and Gen Con 2013: A Photo Tour   Twitter: @JonathanHLiu

Geek Dad (Dave Banks) Our Favorite Things About Gen Con Twitter: @DaveBanks

Gen Con Post Show Press Release: GenCon Indy 2013 Continues Record-Breaking Growth 

Purple Pawn (Christian Petersen, guest post) Fantasy Flight Games’ 2013 In-Flight Report  Twitter: @PurplePawn and @FFGames

Board Game Quest (Tony with help from Alex & Steph) Gen Con 2013 Recap Twitter: @BoardGameQuest

I’ll add more as I see them posted.


And if you’re curious about the great costumes, @AlexWithIdeas thought this group was the best.  I have to agree that they’re pretty amazing.  (Got the pic from Fashionably Geeky where you can see more of this fantastic gang.)  And yes, they’re Steampunk Ghostbusters.